In addition to the symptoms mentioned under Coryza, there is more or less shivering, alternating with flashes of heat, violent headache, drowsiness, rheumatic pains, difficult breathing, generally cough, more or less severe, painful and red eyes, and general debility.


In the commencement of the disease Camphor is the prominent remedy, a drop of which may be given every hour, until three or four doses have been taken.

Arsenic is also strongly indicated in the first stage of the disease, three or four doses of which may be given at intervals of two or three hours.

Mercury is particularly useful, where head symptoms preponderate. There is sneezing, running at the nose, rheumatic pains. or red, watery eyes, sore throat, loose cough, slimy diarrhoea, with straining.


A powder, or six globules, once in two or four hours.


Dry and hard cough, sometimes with rattling in the chest, alternation of shivering and flashes of heat, frequently with pain in the forehead, tightness about the nose, and pressing pain over the eyes. Should there be considerable pain about the chest, hoarseness and difficulty in drawing a long breath, Phosphorus may be alternated with the Stibium, two hours apart.


Same as Mercury.

Belladonna may be alternated with Mercury, where there is soreness of the throat, pain in the head, rheumatic pains, etc., given two or three hours apart.


Two drops, or twelve globules, in a tumbler of water, a tablespoonful at a dose.


Hoarse, hollow cough, excited by tickling in the throat, accompanied with headache, pain in the lower part of the back, constipation, obstruction of the nose, and sensation in the chest of excoriation.


A powder, or six globules, morning, noon and night.


Particularly where Nux seems indicated, yet does not produce relief, and where the cough is worse at night, with severe excoriating pain in the chest, and the aching pains in the limbs are aggravated by movement.


One drop in a tumbler of water a tablespoonful, or six globules on the tongue, at a dose.


Cough worse on lying down; discharge from the nose of thick offensive mucus, loss of appetite and insipid taste. Frequently required in alternation with Mercury.

Dose.. - Same as Causticum.


In protracted cases with easy expectoration.


A powder, or six globules, morning and night.

Ipecac., when the cough is accompanied with vomiting, or where the attack is followed by difficulty of breathing. A powder, or six globules, every two hours until better. (See also "Coughs")