Veal Croquettes (Simpler)

Chop cold veal very fine. Add salt and pepper and a little ground mace or sage. (Also, a minced onion, if you like it.) Moisten slightly with gravy. With floured hands, make into prettily shaped balls. "Egg-and-crumb" them, then boil in deep lard.

Simple Chicken Croquettes. Mince cold chicken. Add a little minced celery and parsley (chopped oysters, too, if you like) season with pepper, salt, and a little mustard. Moisten with a little gravy or milk. Add one or two beaten eggs. Mix well together, and make into long balls. Boil in deep lard.

Philadelphia Chicken Croquettes

1 pair fowls.

2 onions.

2 carrots.

Parsley and thyme (a small bunch). A few cloves.

1 pound butter.

1 tablespoonful flour.

4 cupful chicken broth.

1 1/2 cupfuls rich cream.

Salt and pepper.

1/2 a nutmeg (grated).

Sweet marjoram.

6 eggs (yolks only).

Stale bread-crumbs (fine).

Buy a pair of fowls weighing not less than six pounds the pair. Choose those having the largest amount of breast-meat. Boil the fowls in water enough to cover them, with the onions, carrots, thyme and parsley, and cloves. When tender (in about one and one half hours) take out the fowls, and let them get cold. Then chop very fine.

Put the butter into a double-boiler with the flour. Cook together, stirring constantly. Add the broth and cream. Boil eight or ten minutes, still stirring. Remove it from the fire, and mix in the seasoning. Then add the chopped chicken. When well mixed, stir in the beaten yolks of four of the eggs. Set the mixture on the stove for a few minutes to evaporate, stirring briskly all the time. Spread on a platter to cool, and then make into pear-shaped balls. When all are ready dip each into the yolks of the two remaining eggs, beaten with a little cream. Then roll in bread-crumbs so fine as to have been passed through a sieve.

"Boil in lard" like other croquettes. These are the Philadelphia croquettes, so famous everywhere.

Meat And Rice Croquettes

2 tablespoonfuls butter. 2 tablespoonfuls flour.

1 cupful milk.

2chickens, or two pounds lean beef or veal, chopped fine. 2 cups, hot, boiled rice.

1 tablespoonful chopped onion.

1 lemon, juice and grated rind.

1/2 nutmeg.


Pepper, red and black.

Put the butter into a skillet on the fire. When it bubbles stir in the flour, then the milk, and stir until like porridge. Have ready mixed the chopped meat and rice with the various seasonings. Stir it into the flour and butter, and cook a few minutes (not too long). Pour the mixture into a shallow dish, and when quite cold, divide and shape into croquettes. Roll first in fine crackercrumbs, then in egg, and again in cracker, and "boil in lard."

Venison Or Mutton Croquettes

Cold venison or mutton. Bread or cracker crumbs. Currant jelly. A. little hot gravy or stock.

A pinch of cloves.

A little grated lemon peel.

1 egg, beaten light.

Chop the meat, and add about one fifth as much of crumbs. Stir enough jelly into the hot gravy to give a decided flavor. Moisten well the meat. Add seasoning, and egg. Form into croquettes, and "egg-and-crumb" them. Then boil in deep lard.

Lamb Croquettes

4 cupfuls cold chopped lamb. 1 cupful suet, chopped. 1 tablespoonful onion, chopped. A little parsley, chopped.

A little salt and pepper.

1 lemon.

A little cream.

Mix all well together, using both juice and grated rind of the lemon, and enough cream to bind all together. Shape prettily with floured hands. "Egg-and-crumb" them; then boil in deep lard.

A little rice may be added if liked or bread crumbs.

Beef Croquettes

Chop together cold beef (already cooked) and one quarter of an onion. (The latter may be omitted.) Season with salt, pepper, sweet marjoram, and thyme. Moisten with a little gravy and form into balls. Have ready a beaten egg. Dip each ball into this, then into fine crumbs or flour, and boil in deep lard.

Hap-Hazard Croquettes. (Chicken, Beef, Mutton, Veal, Or Fish.)

Mince fine the meat. Add one quarter as much of bread or cracker-crumbs with chicken, mutton, or veal (one quarter as much potato with beef or fish); moisten with gravy or drawn butter, and mix in a beaten egg. Season with pepper and salt; if beef, add marjoram; if chicken, the chopped yolk of a hard boiled egg; if mutton, "Claret Syrup;'1 if fish, catsup. Form into balls, "egg-and-crumb" them, and boil in deep lard.