Vegetable Soups

Vegetable Soup

Peel and slice six large onions, six potatoes, two carrots and two turnips; fry them in one-half pound of butter and pour on them four quarts of boiling water. Toast a crust of bread as brown and hard as possible and put it in with celery, white pepper and salt; stew gently four hours and strain it through a coarse cloth. Have ready thinly-sliced carrot, celery and a little turnip; add them to your liking and stew them tender in the soup. A spoonful of tomato catsup may be added.

S. A. Stevenson.

Vegetable Oyster Soup

Take eight bunches of vegetable oysters, seven or eight in a bunch, one cupful of sweet corn, and one-fourth of a pound of Nuttolene. This is a product compressed from nuts and can be found at all grocers. Cook the oysters until tender and press them through a colander. Rub the corn through the colander and the nuttolene through a fine sieve. Mix the corn and nuttolene together and add the oysters; add the liquor in which the oysters were cooked, with sufficient water to make it the consistency of soup, not porridge. Salt to taste. Heat from one-half hour to an hour. This makes five quarts of soup. W. T. M.

Vegetable Soup Without Meat

Slice three medium-sized onions and three potatoes into one and one-half pints of boiling water; add one-half can of tomatoes, one-half can of peas, a piece of butter the size of a walnut, one tablespoonful of sugar and a little pepper and salt. Let boil one hour, roll out six soda crackers and serve. Lida Smith.

Blended Vegetable Soup

Take two quarts of boiling water, add two tablespoonfuls of Ko-nut, one and one-half teaspoonfuls of salt, one-quarter of a teaspoonful of celery salt, two teaspoonfuls of Worcestershire sauce, one-quarter of a tea-spoonful of paprica. Then add slowly one cupful each of flaked beans, peas and rice. Boil ten minutes and serve with shredded wheat croutons.

Myrtle Robinson.

Puree Of Vegetable Soup

Cut one-eighth of a cabbage, one carrot, one potato, one-half turnip, one-half onion and some celery. Put them into a saucepan with two or three quarts of water. Salt to taste and boil one and one-half hours. When ready to serve add one glassful of cream or milk, one tablespoonful of butter and toast squares. C. B. Preston.

Cream Of Vegetable Soup

Take the vegetables left from a boiled dinner (or fresh ones boiled until tender in salted water). Mash them through a colander, add as much milk as you need for your family, salt, pepper, celery, salt, a slice of onion, and let it come to the boiling point, then add one tablespoonful of each of butter and flour creamed together. When thoroughly cooked serve at once. Mrs. R. T. Cross.

Sago Soups

Sago Soup

Heat to boiling point two quarts of beef, sprinkle into it very gradually one-half cupful of sago; boil five minutes, then set the kettle in a double boiler for one-half hour; skim; serve hot.

Chef at Grand Pacific Hotel.

Sago Soup - No. 2

One-quarter of a pound of the best pearl sago, washed till the water poured from it is clear; then stew it quite tender in water or thick broth (it will require about one quart of liquid, which should be poured on it cold and heated very slowly); then mix with it a pint of good, boiling cream and the yolks of four eggs, and mingle the whole carefully with two quarts of strong veal or beef stock, which is already boiling.

Palmer House.

Potato Soups

Iowa Potato Soup

Peel one dozen small potatoes and boil in one quart of water until done; mash and pour all through colander; then add one quart of sweet milk and one pint of beef broth; butter size of a small egg; season with salt and pepper. Mrs. C. McCartney.

Quick Potato Soup

Mash three cold boiled potatoes. Take a tablespoonful of butter and fry a teaspoonful of chopped onion in it. Then add one-half tablespoonful of flour. When the thickening is cooked add a pint of milk. Put this with the mashed potato and pass the mixture through a colander. Put this back on the fire and stir. Season with salt and pepper. When the soup is ready for the table sprinkle parsley over it. A Busy Mother.

Potato Soup - No. 1

Pare and slice one quart of potatoes, wash and put them over the fire in one gallon of water; add two small onions (sliced), one large table-aipoonful of rice, a lump of butter the size of an egg, and pepper and salt to suit the taste. When nearly done break in two eggs. Cook fifteen minutes. Very good for convalescents. Mrs. L. A. Hall.

Onion And Potato Soup

Take six potatoes, one onion, butter, three pints of water, one large tablespoonful of chopped parsley, the yolks of two eggs, pepper and salt. Fry the potatoes and onion in the butter. When slightly colored put them into the boiling water and add the parsley. Let it boil till the potatoes are quite soft, then press all through a colander. Return the puree to the fire and let it simmer for two or three minutes. When ready to serve have the well-beaten yolks ready and add a little of the soup to them, stirring all the time. When mixed add them slowly to the soup, with plenty of pepper and salt. Do not let the soup boil after adding the eggs. Mrs. Martha Mann.

Potato Soup - No. 3

Take four large potatoes, pare and slice thin. Put them into salt water and let stand five minutes, then put them into a soup kettle to boil. When done put in a piece of butter as large as an egg and season with salt and pepper. Just before serving stir in one egg well beaten. Cook five minutes and serve. Mrs. A. Marsell.

Potato Soup - No. 4

To one quart of water use one onion sliced fine and ten large potatoes sliced fine; boil until tender, say thirty minutes, then add one cupful of sweet milk, one tablespoonful of flour stirred with a lump of butter the size of a walnut and salt and pepper to taste. Serve hot.

Mrs. St. Clair.

Celery And Potato Soup

Chop fine enough celery to make three cupfuls. Cook until tender in a little boiling water. Have heated one quart of sweet milk, add the cooked celery, salt to taste. Thicken with a little flour rubbed smooth in a lump of butter. Add a cupful of mashed potatoes. Let it get very hot. Mrs. R. T. Brown.