The following is the menu of a wedding banquet served at the Southern Hotel, St. Louis. Covers were laid for one hundred and fifty persons. It was quite a swell affair, the contracting parties being Mr. Johannes Kluchu, of Hamburg, Germany, and Miss Gustana Busch, daughter of Mr. Adolphus Busch, the great St. Louis lager beer brewer. The menu card, tied with blue favors, was an artistic production In the form of two hearts, and was much admired for its elegance and novelty:

Consomme en tasses.

Pate's aux huttres. Sliced tomatoes. Cucumbers.

Pompano. Potatoes, Duchesse.

Haut Sauternes.

Tenderloin of beef, aux truffes.

French peas.

Chateau Bouillac.

Terrapin, a la Maryland.

Amontillado sherry.

Punch a la Romaine.

Bride's cake.

Snipe au cresson. Fresh asparagus.

Mumm's extra dry.

Charlotte Russe. Assorted cakes.

Veuve Cliquot.

Roquefort cheese and hard crackers.

Ice cream. Fruits. Coffee.

Apollinaris water.