Roumestec. Jelly Broth Of All Fragments

When you work for a great Entertainment, you may make a good Consommé very cheap, by gathering all Kinds of Parings and Trimmings, as Legs, Pinions, and Bones of Poultries, and of such Game as. you employ: also Parings of Butcher's Meat: Put all together into a Stew-pan, as the last Article; soak it some Time; then add some small Broth, or boiling Water, one or two Glasses of white Wine, a good Quantity of Parsley, Chibbol, two Laurel Leaves, and Thyme, a little sweet Basil, a sew Cloves of Garlick, two or three Heads of Spice Cloves, and whole Pepper; boil this slowly as the former, and skim and sift it for Use. It will serve to add Strength to all Sorts of made Dishes and Sauces.

The Name of Roumestec is given this Consommé, when made mostly of Game.

Bouillon Rafraichissant. Cooling Broth

The Herbs, Fruits, or Seeds, flowers or Roots, which are employed for cooling Broth, are, Pur-slain, Lettuces, Charvil, Leeks, Borage, Burnet, Sorrel, Garden and wild Endive, Bugloss, Hop-tops, Cos Lettuces, young Nettles, Cucumbers, Tips of Elder, Dandelion, Liver-wort, Fumitory, Beet-Roots, etc. Wash and chop a proper Quantity, and according to Order, and boil a short Time in thin Veal or Chicken Broth; sift, and keep it in a cool Place; warm it for Use without boiling.

Autre Bouillon Rafraichissant - Another Cooling Broth

Take a Calf's Liver, cut out the Gall, and all the Flesh round it; then cut it into thin Slices, and boil it in a Quart of Water till it is reduced to a Pint; add a little Charvil, Watercresses, wild Endive, and Burnet, all coarsely chopped; boil it a sew Minutes, and sift it for Use.

Bouillon Printanier - Spring Broth

Put a Crust of Bread, and a good Bit of Butter into a small Soup-pot, or Stew-pan, with two or three Handfuls of Herbs, as Beet, Sorrel, Charvil, Lettuces, Leeks, and Purslain, all well washed and coarsely chopped; boil these in a Quart of Water till reduced to a Pint; sift it for Use.

Bouillon Pour Adoucir L'acreté Du Sang. Broth To Sweeten The Sharpness Of The Blood

Slice half a Pound of Veal, boil it in three Pints of Water, with five or six Craw-fish. pounded alive; add to it white Endive, a small Handful of Charvil, and as much Purslain, with three or four Lettuces, all coarsely chopped; reduce the Liquid to half, and ftrain it through a Cloth or Stamine, without skimming it.

Eau De Poulet. Chicken Water

Boil a well-drawn Chicken in three Pints of River Water, put into the Body one Ounce and a half of the cold Seeds, first pounded in a Mortar; boil it till reduced to a Quart, then sift it. You may also make another Chicken Water, by adding half an Ounce of Rice, as much Pearl Barley, and the Bigness of a Walnut of Sugar, for those that like it sweeter. The four greater cold Seeds are Water Melon, Cucumber, Gourd, and Melon; the four lesser, Succory, Endive., Lettuce, and Purslain.