The Annual Meeting of the above named Society was held at Athens, on Tuesday, August 3d. The officers chosen for the ensuing year were as follows : L. E. Berckmans, President; Richard Peters, Vice-President; Wm. N. White, Secretary; James Camak, Treasurer ; Wm. N. White, Chairman; Richard Peters, J. Camak, E. Bancroft, J. Van Buren, Committee ad Interim.

A Corresponding Committee was elected by an amendment to the Constitution, to place before the above named Committee any new fruits originating in their respective localities, on which were placed Right Rev. S. D. Elliot, Savannah ; D. Redmond, Augusta ; R. Peters, Atlanta ; Charles Collins, Macon ; Thomas Camak, Columbus.

L. E. Berckmans, R. Peters, D. Redmond and W. N. White, were appointed Delegates to represent the Society at the next meeting of the American Pomological Society.

At the conversational meeting, there was a discussion upon the Curculio, in which Messrs. Berckmans, Van Buren, Redmond, Camak, White, and others took part.

The Fruit show was good, considering that the frost the last of April destroyed all the fruit in the upper part of the State.

Mr. Van Buren and Mr. Legg, could give us little except their presence, instead of their usual fine list, and Messrs. Berckmans' collection was mislaid on the way and failed to come to hand in season. The following is the list of exhibitors :

Peters, Harden & Co., of Atlanta, exhibited : Pears, 34 varieties. Peaches, 16 varieties. Nectarines, 1 variety - viz: Stan wick. Almonds, 2 varieties.

Apples, 10 varieties - viz: Yellow Horse, Farrar's Summer, Hamilton, Red June, Aromatic Carolina, Rhodes' Orange Pearmain, Jones' Summer, Gore, White, Yellow June, and 1 nameless. Plums, 6 varieties - viz: Yellow Gage, Imperial Gage, Bingham, Coe's Golden Drop, August Blue, and Long Scarlet. Grapes, 7 varieties - viz: Clinton, Diana, Catawba, Isabella, Lenior, White, and Concord. Mulberries, 1 variety - viz: Everbearing. Quince, variety. Apples, 78 varieties.

This was a beautiful collection; nearly all the specimens being well grown, especially the Pears. The Georgia Cling will be fully described hereafter, it being a variety that should be in every garden.

Prof. J. D. Easter, of Franklin College, exhibited 1 Apple, a very fine summer variety from Ohio, unnamed; 1 Pear - Duchesse d'Angouleme - fine; and a very attractive list of 18 varieties of Peaches.

Of these (Mrs. Wray's Cling), was a new seedling, and merits a full description hereafter. Total, 19 varieties.

The frost, the last of April, destroyed every fruit in Mr. Van Buren's large collection, except 2 Apples, viz: Julien and Horse; 8 Pears, viz: Bartlett, Beurre Diel, Beurre Bosc, White Doyenne, Seckel, Vicar of Winkfield, Stevens' Genesee, and Louise Bonne de Jersey - total 10 varieties.

E. Bancroft, of Athens, exhibited 34 varieties of Peaches.

Mr. Bancroft's Peaches all were extra fine and, taken together, exceeded in beauty, those of any other contribution. Stump the World, Walter's Late, Prince's Paragon, Burden's Rareripe, Green Catharine, Old Mixon Cling, Chereuse Tardive, Large White Cling, Brevort's Morris, Bloodgood's Late Green, and Old Mixon Free, were particularly fine.

Wm. N. White, of Athens, exhibited 86 varieties of Pears. Quinces, 2 varieties. Apples, 12 varieties - viz: Rhode Island Greening, Buckingham, Shockley, 1 nameless, sweet; Landrum, Meigs, Yellow Meadow, Nickajack, Summer Queen, Tewksbury Winter Blush, James River, Summer Sweet. Peaches, 35 varieties. Plums, 14 varieties. Nectarines, 1 variety - viz: Elruge. Grapes, 1 variety - viz: Isabella. Total 151 varieties.

Hon. I. L. Harris, of Milledgeville, exhibited a Seedling of the Seckel Pear, to which the Committee gave the name of Harris' Seckel (good).

Col. J. C. Branch, of Watkinsville, exhibited 6 varieties of Peaches, consisting of unnamed Clingstones; one variety of which was the largest seedling exhibited, and was named by the Society, The Challenge, a description of which will appear hereafter. Also, a specimen of Isabella Grape. Total, 7 varieties.

J. H. Gray, of Clarke county, exhibited 3 varieties of Apples, unnamed;

2 varieties of Pears, unnamed; 1 variety of Peach, viz: Pace. Total 6 varieties.

"Mrs. Hull, of Athens, exhibited 3 varieties of Grapes, viz: Grove End Sweet Water, White Frontignan, and Muscat de Lunell; 3 varieties of Peaches, 2 unnamed, Early Crawford Peach, and Bingham Plum; and 6 varieties of Apples, unnamed. Total 13 varieties.

Mrs. Franklin, of Athens, exhibited 22 varieties of Pears. Apples 6 varieties. The specimens exhibited by Mrs. Franklin were remarkably fair and well grown.

Mr. Micheli, of Athens, exhibited 2 varieties of Apples, viz: Buff (very large and fine), the other variety unrecognized.

Dr. G. E. Smythe, of Athens, exhibited 4 varieties of Pears. Peaches, 6 varieties. Plums, 6 varieties. Grapes, 2 varieties - viz: Warren, and White Muscat. Apples, 4 varieties, Russet, Swaar, and Autumn Pearmain. Also, 1 Lemon, large.

Mrs. H. Camak, of Athens, exhibited 12 varieties of Plums. Pears, 25 varieties. Peaches, 11 varieties.

Dr. M. A. Ward, of Athens, exhibited 31 varieties of Apples. Pears, 31 varieties. Quinces, 2 varieties - viz: Portugal and Orange. Plums 12 varieties.

A few fine vegetables were displayed; Mr. Sledge exhibiting the very best Irish Potatoes we "have seen grown in the State; and Mrs. P. W. Lucas some extra large Beets and Tomatoes.

In looking over and comparing the different lists, we find 568 lots of fruit were exhibited, comprising 368 varieties, of which there were: Peaches, 99; Apples, 14; Plums, 34; Grapes, 11; Mulberries, 1; Pears, 144; Lemons, 1; Quinces, 2; Almonds, 2.

While errors of names were noticed in the collection of amateurs, it was gratifying to see the correctness of names under which those of the Nurserymen were exhibited; and, from sufficient experience, we are prepared to say, positively, that no Nurseries can be more honestly conducted or more worthy of confidence than those in our own midst. In respect to correctness, great improvement is manifest the last two years, and we no longer see the same Pear, Apple, etc, exhibited under three or four different names. L. E. Berckmans, President.

Wm. N. White, Secretary.