J. J. Mapes, New York. - Nitrogenized Super-phosphate of Lime.

William Elliot, 31 John St, New York. - Descriptive Catalogue of Vegetable and Flower Seeds, etc.

J. M. Mattison, Jacksonville, Tompkins Co., N. Y. - Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees. Also, Catalogue of Dahlias, Verbenas, Fuchsias, Petunias, Geraniums, Greenhouse Plants, Bulbous Roots, etc.

Lewis Ellsworth & Co., Du Page County Nurseries, Napierville, Illinois. - Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, and Plants, etc. 1862-3.

The Journal of the New York State Agricultural Society, Feb. & March, 1862. Daughaday & Rennison, Newburgh, Orange Co., N. Y. - Descriptive Catalogue of Bedding and Green-house Plants, Grape-Vines, Currants, Strawberries, etc.

H. A, Dreer's Catalogue for 1858, includes premium roses, dahlias, verbenas, and a select list of fruit, and ornamental trees and plants, for sale at 327 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, or at his garden near the stand-pipe of the West Philadelphia Water Works, and enumerates various things, as well as seeds, in request at this season.

Experiments and Observations upon the Sorghum Saccharatum, or Chinese Sugar Cane. By Joseph S. Levering. For sale by Henry A. Dreer, 327 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.

Lyons, Wayne County, N. Y., Nurseries. E. Ware Sylvester advertises in this way all the fruits, evergreens, etc. etc.

A Supplementary Priced List of Plants for sale in the spring of 1858, by W. C. Strong, Brighton, Mass., five miles from Boston, comprises New Hardy and Foreign Grapes, New Roses, Fruit-Trees, New Bedding and Greenhouse Plants, etc. etc., and offers inducements, rarely exceeded, to purchasers.

Sheppard's Forwarding and Commission Horticultural Nursery and Seed Agency, 159 Front Street, New York. Circular.

Protest against the Report and Awards on the Field Reapers and Mowers and Harvest Implements, by the U. S. Agricultural Society, at Syracuse. By R. L. Allen.

Descriptive Catalogue of the Rochester Commercial Nurseries. H. E. Hooker & Co. An excellently considered list of valuable fruits, etc.

A. 0. Moore's Agricultural Book List; 140 Fulton Street, New York; advertises especially Olcott's Fifth Edition on the Sorgo and Imphee.

Mr. H. A. Mish, Harrisburg, Pa., has issued a Catalogue of Fruit-Trees at reasonable prices, Grapes of the newest and best kinds, Strawberries in great variety and quantity, and Shade and Ornamental Trees. We expect to learn that this enterprising nurseryman's grounds will very soon rank with any in our own or sister States.

The Agricultural College of the State of Michigan, is a pamphlet setting forth the advantages of the institution, and giving a list of the numerous students who are availing themselves of this most useful measure. We recognise very able teachers, and among them our friend John C. Holmes, as Professor of Horticulture, and Treasurer.

Monthly Bulletin of the United States Agricultural Society, Washington. A valuable publication.

Landreth's Rural Register and Almanac for 1858. This Register takes precedence in one important respect; it is to be had for nothing - or at all events a thankee. But it has other and great merits, being compiled by one of the best cultivators, and the largest seed-grower in the world. Address, with a stamp, D. Landreth, Philadelphia. The information it contains is reliable, and there is no more correct almanac.

James M. Thorburn's Annual Descriptive Catalogue of Flower Seeds, with practical directions for their culture and treatment. There is no better, and as their seeds are punctually sent by mail, or as directed, they deserve and will, we hope, receive extensive patronage.

The Sweet Potato; its Northern Culture. Directions in a printed sheet, from O. S. Murray & Son, Twenty Miles Stand, Warren County, Ohio. Excellent instruction, which we may take occasion to print.

Catalogue of Select Annual, Biennial and Perennial Flower Seeds, cultivated and sold by David Landreth & Son, 21 South Sixth Street, Philadelphia. Reliable and dependable, as are their garden vegetable seeds, now as well known as the name of the President of the United States, and household treasures wherever known.

R. Buist's Select Catalogue of Greenhouse, Hothouse, and Hardy Plants, 322 Market Street, and Darby Road, Philadelphia.

R. Buist's Catalogue of Select Roses, Rosedale Nurseries, Darby Road, Philadelphia. These two Catalogues are well worthy of attention. We are free to say that few if any establishments in this country contain the variety of desirable plants that Mr. Buist cultivates. His preface on the Rose is very satisfactory. Mr. B. spells the rose we noticed favorably last month Vicompte des Cazes, and not Vioomptesse.

Barnes & Washburn's Descriptive Catalogue of Choice Flower Seeds, Dorchester, Mass. Another of Dahlias, Verbenas, Petunias, etc. etc. These gentlemen are carrying on a flourishing business, and deserve credit for enterprise and careful regard to the interests of their customers.

Catalogue of Fruit and Shade Trees, Shrubs, Roses, Tines, Bedding Plants, etc, for sale by John W. Adams, Portland, Maine. A valuable catalogue of a good collection.

Address before the Georgia Horticultural Society, on its 19th Anniversary, Feb. 12,1858. By John E. Ward. Savannah, 1858. Eloquent and terse.

The Commercial Crisis; its Cause and Cure. Two Lectures delivered in Montreal. By William Brown, Cote-des-Neiges Nurseries, near Montreal. Here is one of the craft lecturing on a new topic, and we mean to read what he says.

Descriptive Catalogue of Garden, Field, and Flower seeds, sold by Wm. Thorburn, 492 Broadway, Albany, N. Y. Comprises everything required.

Messrs. Bridgeman, New York, have sent us their valuable Spring Catalogues, but just too late for examination.