The Committee on Pears and Melons respectfully report the following awards: -

Pears (native), collection, three specimens each, $10, Hovey & Co., Boston, Mass.; second, $5, Dr. J. K. Eshleman. Pears (Seckel), one peck, $3,Thos. Button, gr. to E. B. Grubb; second, $2, George W. Barl. Pears, another variety, six specimens, $2, the "Petre," to R. B. Ott. Pears (foreign), collection, three specimens each, $10, Hovey & Co., Boston, Mass.; second, $5, Lloyd N. Rogers, Baltimore. Pears, any variety, one peck, $3, the " Duchesse d'Angou-lenie," to T. 8. Fletcher; second, $2, the "Bartlett," to John Perkins. Pears, any variety, half peck, $2, "Louise Bonne de Jersey," John Perkins; second, $1, "White Doyenn6," Thomas. Brown. Melons, three specimens, $2, the "Netted Melon," to W. Armstrong; second, $1, "Stillman," M. Hagerty, gr. to J. Harrison. Watermelons (Mountain Sweet), three specimens., $3, James T. Zane, N. J.; second, $2, Mr. Zane, N. J. Watermelons (Marshall), $2, Mr. Zane, N. J.; second best, $1, Wm. Armstrong, gr. to Alexander Brown.

Several new Watermelons were exhibited for the first time. The Souter and Pomaria, originated in South Carolina, are varieties of the highest merit. Their size is large, rind remarkably thin, flesh red to the centre, flavor sugary and delicious. The Imperial is too small for market purposes, but, in all other respects, equal to the two preceding. Odell's Large White is very large, round in form, the rind not so thin, and the flesh a paler red; quality very fine. This variety is said to keep longer after being pulled from the vine than any other. In another year, we hope to have exhibited the Bradford, Sumpter or Dark Speckled, and some other new kinds, equal, in all respects, to the Souter, Imperial, and Pomaria, and superior to the Mountain Sweet.

The display of Pears was very fine, and many of the specimens were of great size and beauty, indicating judicious and skilful attention. The Committee awarded the following Special Premiums: -

Pears, for a collection, $2 each, John Chambers and Mrs. C. Maokau. Pears, for a collection, $1 each, J. W. Wilson, Isaac B. Baxter, and Robert Buist. Pears, for a fine dish of Seckel, each $1, R. B. Ott, H. L. Tripler, M. Hagerty, and Henry Hay. Pears, for a fine dish of Regnier, $1, Geo. Liggett; for a dish of White Doyenne, $1, Samuel Cooper; and, for a dish of Duchesse d'Angouleme, $1, John Chambers. Watermelons, $1 each for the Souter, for the Pomaria, for the Imperial, and for the Odell's Large White, all to Mark Hill, gr. to M. W. Baldwin.

The Committee on Apples report the following award: -

Apples, collection, six specimens each, eighty varieties, $5, John Perkins; second, twenty-three varieties, $3, S. W. Noble. Apples, any variety, one bushel (Summer Pearman), $2, Jacob Haines; seoond (Maiden's Blush), $1, John Perkins. Apples, any variety, one peck (Maiden's Blush), $2, J. L. Darlington & Co. Figs, twelve specimens, $2, Mrs. Tessier. Quinces, half peck, $2, Lloyd Chamberlain; second, $1, Chas. Heritage.

The Committee on Vegetables respectfully report that they have awarded the premiums as follows: -

Potatoes, sweet, one bushel, for the best, $2, William Armstrong; second best, $1, to No. 250. Beets, long, one dozen, $2, John Riley; do., round, $2, James Jones, Girard College. Carrots, one dozen, $2, John Riley. Salsify, one dozen, $2, James Jones. Onions, yellow, three dozen, $2, John Riley; do., white, three dozen, $2, William Barry, gr. to Alfred Cope. Special Premium of $2, for a basket of very superior white potatoes, to Joseph Zane. Cabbage, six heads, drumhead, $2, Matthew Hagerty; second best, $1, Thomas Riley, gr. to G. W. Carpenter. Cabbage, six heads, red Dutch, $2, James Jones. Lettuce, six heads, $2, A. L. Felten. Celery, six stalks, blanched, $2, James Jones; second, $1, William Armstrong. Egg Plant, six fruit, $2, A. L. Felten; second, $1, Samuel Greasly, gr. to W. T. Crook. Tomatoes, one peck, $2, H. A. Dreer; second, $1, S. H. Simpson. Sweet Maize, or Indian Corn, for table use, three dozen, $2, M. Hagerty; second, $1, A. L. Felten. Pumpkins, two specimens, $1, M. Woodburn, gr. to Joseph Swift.

Vegetables, display, by a market gardener, or a gardener to a public institution, $15, to A. L. Felten; display, by another do. do., second, $10, to James Jones; display, by another do. do., third, $5, John Riley; display, by an amateur, for the best, $10, to Wm. Barry, gr. to Alfred Cope; display, by another amateur, second, $5, to Wm. Armstrong; display by another amateur, third, $4, to Mark Hill.

Special Premiums for very good and creditable displays - $3 to M. Woodburn; $3 to Robert Dunlap; $3 to Patrick MoStay, gr. to Geo. Blight; $2 to Thomas Hulton; $2 to John Kinder, gr. to Thos. Dunlap.

Horticultural Societies. Pennsylvania Horticultural Society #1

The regular stated meeting of this Society was held at Concert Hall, on Tuesday evening, when the extensive tables of the Society were entirely covered with a splendid display of plants, flowers, etc. Mr. Mackenzie, Mr. Dundas, and others, exhibited, for the first time, a number of new plants, which attracted much attention. A lot of grapes, in pots, composed of plants of foreign origin, were exhibited by Mr. Raabe. Mr. Buist exhibited one hundred and twenty varieties of cut roses; pine-apples in pots, and a great variety of strawberries, were also exhibited. In the department of vegetables, Mr. A. L. Felten made his usual large and excellent display, receiving the first premium as a market gardener. Mr. Buist received a special premium of 95 for his display of cut roses. Premiums were also awarded for grapes, and for the best cherries, to A. L. Felten, and also the second best for strawberries. The entire display was in every way oreditable, reflecting the highest praise upon all the competitors and the Society. - Ledger.