Sensitive to loud sound. Roaring in ears. Inflammation of middle ear, especially chronic suppuration. Inflammatory swelling of external meatus. Dulness of hearing with swelling and catarrh of the Eustachian tubes and tympanic cavity. Otitis suppurativa. Otorrhcea curdy and ichorous, with caries of the mastoid cells. Inflammation of ear after bathing. Deafness, ears open at times with a loud report.


Tip of nose red. Itching of nostrils. Sneezing; coryza, nasal catarrh. Ozaena, with fetid offensive discharge when the affection is seated in the submucous connective tissues or in the periosteum. Chronic coryza with swelling of the mucous membrane, dryness, excoriation, with crusts and loss of smell. Caries of the nasal bones from syphilis or scrof-tilosis. Intolerable itching of the tip of the nose. Inveterate ulceration producing acrid, corroding discharge. Herpetic eruption around nostrils and lips.


Faceache with small lumps or nodules on the face. Induration of cellular tissue of the face following gumboil. Sycosis menti, acne and lupus. Skin of face cracks. Caries and necrosis of the jaw. Tumors on the lips. Pale, earthy complexion.


Suppuration of the salivary glands. Mouth gangrenous, with perforating ulcer of the palate. Chronic pharyngitis with constipation. Ulceration of the corners of the mouth.


Iuduration of the tongue; ulcer on the tongue; sensation of a hair on tongue.


Very violent toothache at night, when neither heat nor cold gives relief, and when caused by chilling of feet. Toothache when the pain is deep-seated in the periosteum, or fibrous membrane covers the root of the teeth and an abscess forms (fistula dentalis). Difficult dentition; gums sensitive and blistered; gumboils.


Enlarged thyroid gland. Tonsillitis when the suppurating gland will not heal. Periodical quinsy. Paralysis of the velum pendulum palati.

Gastric Symptoms

Child vomits as soon as it nurses. Intolerance of alcoholic stimulants. Induration of the pylorus. Chronic dyspepsia with acid eructations, with heartburn and chilliness; vomiting in the A. M. Disgust for meat and for warm food. Extreme hunger.

Abdomen And Stomach

Large abdomen in children. Enlarged inguinal glands. Constipation associated with spinal affections, due to semi-paralysis of the rectum; particularly if stools recede after having; been partly expelled, due to irritable sphincter ani. Hepatic abscess with induration. Infantile diarrhoea, cadaverous-smelling, after vaccination, with much sour perspiration about head, with hard, hot, distended abdomen. Diarrhoea, cadaverous odor. Shifting of flatulence. Intensely painful hemorrhoids. Worm colic. Fissura ani and fistula in ano.

Urinary And Sexual Organs

Suppuration of kidneys, urine loaded with pus and mucus. Red sandy deposit, uric acid. Enuresis from worms or in chorea. Chronic syphilis with suppurations and indurations. Chronic gonorrhoea, with thick, fetid, purulent discharge. Sexual erethism, with persistent sexual thoughts, often nocturnal emissions, also with paralytic disease. Itching and much sweating about scrotum. Prostatis. Hydrocele. Seminal emissions. Menses are associated with icy coldness over whole body and constipation and fetid luiHswc.it. Menses early, but scanty; rarely profuse. Burning and itching of pudenda. Nymphomania. Leucorrhcea acrid, profuse, itching. Menses during lactation. Serous cysts of vagina. Sterility. Abscess of labia, with tendency to fistulous openings. Metrorrhagia due to standing in cold water.


Breasts very hard and painful, as if gathering. Inflammation of the breasts, mastitis, to control the formation of the pus, and to absorb the remaining induration.


Nipples crack and ulcerate easily, fistulous ulcers of the mammae, hard lumps in the mammae threatening suppuration. Soreness and lameness of feet from instep to sole during pregnancy.

Respiratory Symptoms

Pneumonia, stage of suppuration. Empyema. Suppurative, rattling, loose, copious expectoration of thick, yellow-green pus, accompanied with hectic fever; profuse night-sweats and great debility. Chronic bronchitis and phthisis. Cough of sickly children with night-sweats. Hoarseness, irritative cough, with feeling of a hair on tongue, provoked by tickling in throat and suprasternal fossa, by cold drinks; worse at night when lying down. Sputa abundant, thick, pus-like, with weakness and deep-seated pain in chest. Phthisical abscess of lungs. Cough and sore throat, with expectoration of little granules smelling bad.

Circulatory Organs

Palpitation after violent motion or when sitting quietly. Chronic heart disease.

Back And Extremities

Soreness between shoulders. Spinal curvature, rachitis, spinal irritation. Coccyx hurts after riding. Carbuncles along the spine. Spina bifida. Psoas abscess. Hip-joint disease, to prevent or control suppuration. Suppurating wounds of the extremities discharging thick, yellow matter, and the suppuration is deep-seated. Whitlow, felon, sensation in tips of fingers as if suppurating, assisting and controlling formation of pus and stimulating growth of new nails. Pott's disease. Proud flesh and caries; old ulcers with burning and lancinating pains. Chronic synovitis of the knee, with great swelling and anchylosis. Caries of bone, with fistulous openings, discharging thin pus and bony fragments. In-growing toe-nails. Habitual fetid perspiration of the feet, smelling horribly, suppression causes other ailments. Offensive sweat in the axillae. Nails crippled and brittle, with white spots. In-growing toe-nails. Pains through foot from ankle to sole. Weak ankles. Feel insufferably tender. Nervous affections following injuries to spine. Tonic spasm of the hand when writing. Arms and hands feel heavy and paralyzed. Pain in shoulder and arm at night, relieved by warm wrappings. Limbs and feet feel very tired and as if paralyzed. Painful tonic spasm in the feet and toes during a long walk.

Diseases brought on by exposure of back to draught of air.