Borax, alum, hay salt, of each a dr., spirit of camphor, tincture of myrrh, of each 1 oz., spirit of scurvy-grass (or of horseradish) 4 oz., tincture of rhatany 2 oz.; mix, and shake occasionally for a day or two, then filter. A teaspoonful in a wineglassful of water, to rinse the mouth after cleaning the teeth, or at any other time.

2. Tannin 1 dr., rose-water 4 oz., spirit of wine 2 oz., spirit of scurvy-grass (or of horseradish) 2 oz., essence of hitter almonds a few drops.

Odoriferous tincture of Myrrh. 1. Choice Turkey myrrh 3 oz., eau de Cologne a quart; digest for 7 days, and filter.

2. To 18 fluid oz. of tincture of myrrh add 2 oz. of essence of Cologne. (See Perfumery, back.) If the tincture should not be quite clear, add a few grs. of burnt alum, shake frequently, and filter in a day or two.

Borated Tincture of Myrrh. 1. Myrrh 1 lb., eau de Cologne 16 lbs. borax 1 lb., distilled water 3 lbs., syrup 3 lbs., essence (or tincture) of roses 6 drs., rhatany root 4 oz.; digest for 10 or 12 days and filter. - Mr. Cockle.

2. Borax 1 oz., shell-lac 1/2 oz., myrrh 2 oz., spirit of camphor 2 oz., honey of roses 2 oz., rectified spirit a pint Cologne essence 2 drs., orange-flower or rose water 4 oz.; digest for a few days in a warm place, shaking occasionally, and filter.

3. Borax 1 oz., shell-lac 1/2 oz., water 8 oz.; boil together to 4 oz., and add spirit of scurvy-grass a pint, camphor 1/2 oz., myrrh 2 oz.; digest and filter.

*** Borax is very readily soluble in glycerin. Antiscorbutic Elixir. Cinchona 3 oz., guaiacum 5 oz., pellitory 3 oz., orange-peel 2 drs., cloves 5 drs., saffron 1/2 dr., benzoin, 2 drs., spirit of wine or brandy 32 oz.; digest and filter. - Desforges. Desforges' Extract of Pellitory. Pellitory root 5 oz., cinchona 1 oz., benzoin 1 1/2 drs., essence of peppermint 3 drs., brandy a quart. Elixir of Roses. Cloves 1 dr., cinnamon 3 oz., ginger

2 oz., spirit of wine 2 1/2 pints, oil of orange-peel 1 dr., otto of roses 15 drops, essence of peppermint 1 oz.; mix, digest for 15 days and filter. Lefandiniere's Elixir. Rasped guaiacum wood 1/2 oz., pellitory 1 dr., nutmegs 1 dr., cloves 1/2 oz., oil of rosemary

10 drops, oil of bergamot 4 drops, brandy a pint; macerate for a fortnight, and filter. Eau de Bottot. Aniseed 4 oz., cinnamon 1 oz., cloves

1 oz., cochineal 2 drs., oil of mint 2 drs., spirit of wine or brandy 8 lbs.; macerate 8 days, and filter.

2. Tincture of cedar wood 1 pint, tincture of myrrh

1 oz., mixed with the following essential oils: of peppermint 1/2 dr., of spearmint 1/4 dr., of cloves 10 drops, of roses 10 drops. - Piesse.

Eau Dentifrice de Stahl. Spirit of wine or brandy

2 gallons, rosewater 3 quarts, pellitory 5 oz., cypress root 3 oz., tormentil 3 oz., balsam of Peru 3 oz., cinnamon 5 drs., goats' rue 1 oz., rhatany 1 oz.: macerate for 6 days, shaking it occasionally; let it rest for 24 hours, and pour off the clear. Add to the clear liquor, oil of mint 1 1/2 drs., cochineal 4 drs.; in 3 or 4 days, filter.

Eau du Dr. O'Meara. It is a tincture of pellitory, vetiver, cloves, orris, and coriander, with creasote, etc. Bories' Odontalgic Elixir, Pellitory root 2 oz., simple spirit of lavender 16 oz., muriate of ammonia 1/2 dr.; digest

24 hours and filter. Greenough's Tincture. Bitter almonds 2 oz., Brazil wood

1/2 oz., cinnamon 1/2 oz., orris root 1/4 oz., cochineal, alum, salt of sorrel, each 1 dr., spirit of wine 32 fluid ounces, spirit of scurvy grass 1 oz. Hudson's Preservative. Tincture of myrrh, tincture of bark, cinnamon water, of each 3 oz., arquebusade water

1 oz., powdered gum 1/2 oz. Cheltenham Dental Tincture. Camphor 4 1/2 oz., myrrh

2 oz., bark 5 oz., rectified spirit 36 fluid oz., distilled water 8 oz.

Lefoulon's Elixir for the Teeth. Fresh roots of horseradish, fresh leaves of scurvy grass and of mint, of each 6 drs., guaiacmn, cinchona, pellitory, calamus, and rhatany, each 5 drs., proof spirit a quart; macerate for 16 days, and strain.

Eau de Madame de la Vrilliere pour les dents. Cinnamon 2 oz., cloves 6 drs., fresh lemon-peel 1 1/2 dried rose petals 1 oz., scurvy-grass 8 oz., spirit 3 lbs.; macerate 24 hours, and distil in a water-bath.

Ruspini's Tincture. Orris 8 oz., cloves 1 oz., spirit 32 fluid oz., essence of ambergris 1 oz. (or ambergris a scruple); macerate 14 days, and filter.

French Elixir for the Teeth. Rose water 16 oz., spirit of scurvy-grass 2 oz., tincture of galbanum 1 oz.; colour with cochineal.

Alkakine Lotion, for preventing injury to the teeth from acid medicines. Bicarbonate of soda 4 drs., distilled water 8 oz., eau de Cologne 2 drs., aromatic spirit of ammonia 1 dr. The mouth to be rinsed out with the lotion immediately after swallowing any medicine containing an acid.

Lotion of Chlorinated Soda, for purifying the breath, cleansing the mouth, removing unpleasant odours, etc. Liquid chlorinated soda 1 oz., distilled water 19 oz.; mix. A teaspoonful in a glass of water. The same direction applies to most of the above.