1. Breakfast - Long breakfast rolls, broiled porter-house steaks, hominy croquettes. Dinner - Chicken soup, chicken dressed with egg sauce, whole potatoes, spinach, young lettuce and onions, sweet pickles; orange float, caramel cake. Supper - Cold chicken and currant jelly, cold rolls, snow custard, cake.

2. Breakfast - Fried frogs, fried potatoes, corn gems, boiled eggs. Dinner - Beefsteak soup, beefsteak pudding, steamed potatoes, mashed turnips, slaw; boiled custard, jelly. Supper - Plain bread, pates of cold chicken, hot short-cake and jam.

3. Breakfast - Graham bread, veal cutlets, fricasseed potatoes. Dinner - Boiled ham with potatoes, canned-corn pudding, parsnips fried, mixed pickles; hot pie of canned peaches, cake. Supper - Graham toast, cold sliced ham, hot rusk, stewed fruit.

4. Sunday. Breakfast - Cream toast, broiled mutton chops, young radishes, puff omelet. Dinner - Beef soup, chicken pie, potatoes in Kentucky style, young lettuce and onions; banana pie, mixed cake. Supper - Plain bread, sliced beef, cold rusk, jelly.

5. Breakfast - Light rolls, codfish with cream, fried raw potatoes. Din-.ner - Roast beef, turnips, potatoes, tomato sauce, pickled oysters; baked custard, cake. Supper - Cold rolls, cold beef sliced, maple biscuit and jam.

6. Breakfast - Muffins, fried liver, fried potatoes. Dinner - Mutton soup, mutton garnished with eggs, pickles, creamed potatoes, canned tomatoes; bread pudding with sauce, oranges and cake. Supper - Toasted muffins, sliced mutton, sponge cake and jelly.

7. Breakfast - Flannel cakes, minced mutton or broiled chops, breakfast potatoes. Dinner - Baked pig, mashed potatoes, parsnips fried, lettuce; lemon pudding, jelly cake. Supper - Yankee dried beef, soda biscuit and honey, floating island.

8. Breakfast - Sally Lunn, veal cutlets, potato cakes. Dinner - Baked stuffed heart, potatoes a la pancake, turnips, canned corn, pickled eggs; cup custard, cake. Supper - Light biscuit, cold sliced heart, bread fritters with sugar.

9. Breakfast - French rolls, broiled fish if salt, fried if fresh, fried raw potatoes, tomato sauce. Dinner - Baked or boiled fresh fish, mashed potatoes, canned peas or beans, lettuce, onions; Estelle pudding, jelly tarts. Supper - Cold rolls, bologna sausage sliced, steamed crackers, cake and preserved fruit.

10. Breakfast - Batter cakes, broiled chops, scrambled eggs, potato rissoles. Dinner - Saturday bean soup, broiled beefsteak, spinach, potatoes in Kentucky style, pickled beets; half-hour pudding with sauce, oranges and cake. Supper - Toasted bread, cold tongue sliced, hot buns and marmalade.

11. Sunday. Breakfast - Baked beans and Boston brown bread, omelette with parsley. Dinner - Vermicelli soup, baked shad or croquettes of canned lobster, broiled squabs or pigeon pie, potatoes mashed, turnips, asparagus, spring cresses, dressed lettuce, grape jelly; custard pie, cake. Supper - Plain hread, canned salmon, cold buns, jelly.

12. Breakfast - Corn dodgers, fish croquettes, potato cakes, boiled eggs. Dinner - Roast beef with potatoes, canned tomatoes, pickles; bread pudding with raisins. Supper - Light rolls, cold beef, tea cake.

13. Breakfast - Graham gems, fried sweet breads, oat meal with cream. Dinner - Mutton soup, boiled mutton with caper sauce, whole potatoes, plain boiled rice, lettuce; orange short cake. Supper - Toasted gems, cold mutton, jelly and cake.

14. Breakfast - Vienna rolls, fried pickled tripe, rice cakes, spring radishes. Dinner - Chicken pot-pie, canned Lima beans, stewed tomatoes, asparagus; Spanish cream. Supper - Cold rolls, chicken salad, jelly tarts.

15. Breakfast - Batter cakes, veal cutlets, ringed potatoes. Dinner - Ragout of beef, boiled potatoes in jackets, canned succotash, wilted lettuce; chocolate custard, oranges, cake. Supper - Bread, sliced beef, oat porridge.

16. Breakfast - Waffles, broiled mutton, fricasseed potatoes. Dinner - Lobster soup, baked fish stuffed, baked macaroni, potatoes mashed, am bushed asparagus; molasses pudding. Supper - Graham gemssardines with lemon, toast.

17. Breakfast - Corn griddle cakes, fish balls, scrambled eggs. Dinner - Boiled ham with vegetables, chili sauce; plain boiled pudding with sauce. Supper - Toasted crackers, cold sliced ham, warm ginger bread.

18. Sunday. Breakfast - Buttered toast with poached eggs, broiled steak. Dinner - Macaroni soup, baked chickens, mashed potatoes, lettuce salad; queen of puddings. Supper- Light biscuit, cold chicken, ambrosia-.

19. Breakfast - Graham gems, chicken croquettes, potatoes, radishes warmed over mashed potatoes, stewed parsnips. Dinner - Boiled corn beef, potatoes, turnips, carrots; canned peaches and cream, jelly cake. Supper - Toasted gems, cold corned beef shaved, cream fritters.

20. Breakfast - Rolls, stewed kidneys. Chili sauce, fricasseed potatoes, fried parsnips. Dinner - Split pea soup, meat pie, tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, lobster croquettes, spring cresses; cottage pudding, tapioca jelly, oranges. Supper - Cold rolls, bologna sausage, tea rusk and stewed fruit.

21. Breakfast - Muffins, breaded veal cutlets, curried eggs, potato cakes. Dinner - Roast beef, canned succotash, plain boiled rice with tomatoes, dressed lettuce; peach rolls with sauce. Supper - Toasted muffins, cold beef sliced, hot bread and milk.

22. Breakfast - Cream toast, broiled ham, boiled eggs. Dinner - Mutton soup, mutton garnished with beets and cresses, stewed parsnips, pudding of canned corn, asparagus on toast, onions; orange float, jelly cake. Supper - Soda biscuit, cold mutton, currant jelly, floating island.

23. Breakfast - Corn cakes, pates of cold mutton hot with gravy, fried raw potatoes. Dinner - Fricassee of canned halibut or fresh fish baked, mashed potatoes, turnips sliced; bread pudding, oranges, cake. Supper - Plain bread, cold beef, steamed crackers.

24.Breakfast - Graham bread, croquettes of fish, potato rissoles. Dinner - Ham boiled, potatoes, turnips, onion salad; rhubarb pie, cake. Supper - Toasted Graham bread, cold ham, cream cakes.

25. Sunday. Breakfast - Breakfast rolls, broiled beefsteak, omelet. Dinner - Barley soup, baked lamb with mint sauce, stewed parsnips, potatoes, asparagus with eggs, pates of sweet breads, lettuce mayonnaise; chocolate blanc mange, strawberries. Supper - Cold rolls, sliced lamb, cake, jelly.

26. Breakfast - Buttered toast, poached eggs, lamb croquettes hot with gravy. Dinner - Brown stew, baked potatoes, cresses, Lima beans. stewed parsnips, onion salad; rice snow-balls with custard sauce, plain cake, Supper - Buttered crackers toasted, cold pressed meat, lemon fritters with sugar.

27. Breakfast - Hot biscuit with honey, mutton chops broiled, fried raw potatoes. Dinner - Economical soup; tapioca pudding. Supper - Cold biscuit, sliced cold beef, canned fruit with cream and cake.

28. Breakfast - Sally Lunn, broiled ham, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes. Dinner - Roast beef with potatoes, carrots, parsnips, lettuce and onion salad; cream pie. Supper - Toasted Sally Lunn, cold beef sliced, tea buns, fruit.

29. Breakfast - Vienna rolls, fried fish, fried potatoes. Dinner - Boast loin of veal with potatoes, lettuce, fried asparagus; orange pudding, cake. Supper - Cold rolls, sliced veal, sweet waffles.

30. Breakfast - Corn cakes, fried liver, breakfast potatoes. Dinner - Chicken pot-pie, spinach; Estelle pudding with sauce. Supper - Plain bread. cold pressed meat or bologna; cream cakes warm.