1. Breakfast - Cream toast, chicken croquettes, boiled eggs. Dinner - Beefsteak pudding, stewed salsify, baked potatoes, lobster salad, tilery; one-two-three-four pudding, jelly cake, nuts, raisins. Supper - Light biscuit, codfish with cream, canned fruit and plain cake.

2. Breakfast - Hot rolls, broiled mutton chops, fried potatoes. Dinner - Oyster soap, roast beef with potatoes, kidney beans saute, horseradish sauce; cream pie, sponge cake. Supper - Cold rolls, sliced beef, jam.

3. Breakfast - Corn muffins, broiled fish, escaloped eggs. Dinner - Boiled salt cod with mashed potatoes, canned peas, cabbage salad a la May-onnaise; baked custard, cake. Supper - Bologna sausage sliced, broiled and buttered hot, plain bread, toasted rusk, raspberry jam.

4. Breakfast - Muffins, broiled beef steak, breakfast hominy. Dinneb Soup of beef bones and vegetables to taste, oyster pie, mashed potatoes, stewed celery, pickled beets; steamed batter pudding with rich sauce, cake. Supper - Toasted muffins, cold sliced beef, baked apples hot, and tea cakes.

5. Breakfast - Yankee dried beef, poached eggs on buttered toast, plain bread. Dinner - Baked fish, lemon sauce, mashed potatoes, spinach, orange pudding with jelly sauce, cake. Supper - Plain bread, broiled Scotch herring, crackers split, toasted and buttered, short'cake with jelly.

6. Breakfast - Corn pone or griddle cakes, fried beefsteak, fried onions, Dinner - Beef a la mode, potatoes Kentucky style, carrots saute, cabbage slaw with cream dressing, mixed pickles. Italian cream and cake. Supper - Cold pone sliced and toasted, or plain bread toast, cold beef sliced, warm ginger-bread and chocolate blanc mange.

7. Sunday. Breakfast - Sally Lunn, broiled ham, tomato omelet. Dinner - Stewed oysters, roast mutton, mashed potatoes, canned peas, currant jelly, celery; moonshine, oranges, nuts and cakes. Supper - Cold meat shaved, tea cakes and preserved fruit.

8. Breakfast - Batter cakes, mutton warmed over, potatoes, escaloped eggs. Dinner - Boiled beef's tongue dressed with sauce piquante, stewed potatoes, boiled onions; half-hour pudding. Supper - Cold biscuit, shaved tongue, orange float.

9. Breakfast - Buttered toast, pork chops broiled, hominy grits. Dinner - Tomato soup, pigeon pie, creamed potatoes, canned corn or beans, pickles; steamed pudding with sauce, almonds, raisins. Supper - Plain bread, sardines with lemon, light coffee cake or sweet buns and jam.

10. Breakfast - Flannel cakes, mutton chops broiled, potatoes. Din-ner - Beefsteak soup, broiled steak, potatoes boiled whole, salsify, oystei salad, sweet pickles, transparent pudding, cream puffs, oranges. Supper - Beat biscuit, cold meat, apple fritters with sugar, sponge cake.

11. Breakfast - Graham bread, broiled fish, potatoes. Dinner - Corned beef boiled with turnips or parsnips, canned corn, boiled onions, horseradish sauce; cocoanut pie. Supper - Toasted graham bread, cold beef shaved, warm rusk and jelly.

12. Breakfast - Corn batter cakes, broiled bacon, boiled eggs, or omelet souffle. Dinner - Baked or boiled fish or steaks of halibut, mashed potatoes, stewed carrots, onion sauce; eggless ice cream, apples and nuts. Supper - Pates of fish, plain bread, toasted rusk and sweet omelet.

13. Breakfast - Bread puffs, fried liver, potatoes. Dinner - Saturday bean soup, escaloped oysters, tomatoes, pickled beets; kiss pudding with sauce, cake. Supper - French rolls; cold tongue, bread fritters.

14. Sunday. Breakfast - Baked beans with pork and Boston brown bread, omelet. Dinner - Roast turkey, potatoes, canned corn, plum jelly, young lettuce broken up (not cut) heaped lightly in a dish and ornamented with sliced eggs; Charlotte russe, jelly and spongecake. Supper - Cold turkey, cranberry jelly, canned fruit, jam and cake.

15. Breakfast - Buttered toast with poached eggs, potatoes Kcntucky style, fried onions. Dinner - Roast beef, potatoes boiled in jackets, onion sauce, steamed rice, mixed pickles; birds'-nest pudding. Supper - Light biscuit, broiled oysters, orange souffle, and plain cake.

16. Breakfast - Rice cakes, breakfast stew, baked eggs. Dinner - Meat pie. mashed potatoes, macaroni with cheese; peach rolls. Supper - Plain bread, dried beef, whipped cream with preserved fruit.

17. Breakfast - Hot rolls, broiled beef steak, potatoes a la Duchesse Dinner - Boiled leg of mutton with soup, potatoes Kentucky style, baked parsnips, sweet pickles; bread pudding, cake. Supper - Cold rolls, shaved mutton, boiled corn mush or hasty pudding with milk.

18. Breakfast - Plain bread, fried mush, broiled bacon. Dinner - Roast duck, baked .potatoes, stewed tomatoes, currant, plum or grape jelly; corn starch pie. Supper - Buffered toast, cold duck, jelly and cream cakes.

19. Breakfast - Graham gems, broiled shad or mackerel with cream dressing (salt fish should be gently steamed, never boiled), boiled eggs. Dinner - Salmi of duck, or duck pates hot with gravy, steamed potatoes, turnips, celery sauce; rice pudding with custard sauce, jelly cake, nuts, raisins. Supper - Toasted gems, bologna sausage, tea buns, stewed prunes or other dried fruit.

20. Breakfast - Sally Lunn, broiled mutton chops, baked omelet. Dinner - Bacon boiled, cabbage sprouts, potatoes, parsnips, pickled beets; tartlets of dried fruit, warm ginger-cake. Supper - Toasted Sally Lunn, cold pressed meat, rice fritters with sugar, jelly.

21. Sunday. Breakfast - Cream toast, broiled ham, fried eggs. Dinner - Baked chickens with parsnips, potatoes, tomatoes, young lettuce (and a well filled caster); lemon custard, oranges or apples. Supper - Cold chicken, currant jelly, sweet biscuit and canned fruit.

22. Breakfast - Plain bread, chicken pates hot, puff omelet. Dinner - Roast of beef, potatoes, tomatoes, canned corn, Yorkshire pudding, pickled beets; ambrosia, cake. Supper - Buttered toast, cold beef sliced, bread fritters with sugar, jelly.

23. Breakfast - Hot rolls, fried liver, boiled eggs. Dinner - Soup (made of bones of previous days' roast with vegetables or noodles), oyster pie, mashed potatoes, turnips, celery sauce; iced apples, cake. Supper - Cold rolls, mince of cold beef escaloped|with eggs, coffee cake.

24. Breakfast - Muffins, broiled ham, birds'-nest of eggs. Dinner - Boiled leg of mutton, whole potatoes, canned peas; queen of puddings with sauce, cake. Supper - Toasted muffins, cold mutton, currant jelly, Florida grape fruit.

25. Breakfast - French pancakes, sausage, hominy. Dinner - Roast duck, bread sauce, parsnips, baked onions, lettuce; peach dumplings: with sauce, cake. Supper - Plain bread, Welsh rarebit, hot rusk, marmalade.

26. Breakfast - Corn muffins, fried ham and eggs. Dinner - Fresh fish, potatoes a la duchesse, salmi of duck, onion sauce, boiled rice, grape jelly; bread:and raisin pudding with sauce, dried figs and nuts. Supper - Toasted muffins, cold pressed meat, cold rusk, stewed fruit.

27. Breakfast - Graham bread, croquettes of fish, omelet with parsley. Dinner - Boiled corn beef, potatoes, spinach or turnips, carrots, horseradish sauce; rice snow balls with custard sauce, canned fruit and cake. Supper - Toasted graham bread, cold corn beef, oat meal porridge with cream.

28. Easter Sunday. Breakfast - Broiled sirloin steak, French rolls, young radishes, Saratoga potatoes, boiled eggs, waffles and honey. Dinner - Chicken, soup or green turtle with Italian paste, fresh fish boiled with drawn but-ter and sliced eggs, or fish stuffed and baked served with lemon and parsley, mashed potatoes, glazed ham, pudding of canned corn, tomato sauce, chicken salad, pickles, celery, grape jelly, game; cream pie, assorted cakes, Easter jelly (ornamental) frozen custard, fruits, nuts and coffee. Supper or Luncheon - Cold rolls, cream biscuit, cold ham, currant jelly, oysters baked on shell, cakes and fruit, chocolate or tea.

29. Breakfast - Plain bread, escalop of cold ham with eggs, potatoes. Dinner - Roast beef, potatoes, turnips, cabbage salad; cottage pudding with sauce, cake. Supper - Warm bread and milk, cold meat, preserved tarts.

30. Breakfast - Corn cakes, roulades of cold roast beef, potatoes. Din» ner - Soup, roast of mutton, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce dressed; lemon pie. Supper - Beat biscuits, cold mutton, preserved fruit, plain cake.

31. Breakfast - Flannel cakes, broiled ham. stuffed eggs. Dinner - Boiled tongue, mutton stew with potatoes, steamed rice; lemon pudding, cake. Supper - Cold biscuit, shaved tongue, rice fritters with sugar.