Dysart, Or Desart

Dysart, Or Desart, a parliamentary borough and seaport town of Fifeshire, Scotland, 12 m. N. N. E. of Edinburgh, on the N. side of the frith of Forth ; pop. in 1871, 8,920. The town is very old, and in former times was a place of much importance. It carries on ship building, flax spinning, and manufactures of damasks and ticks. There are coal and iron mines in the vicinity.

E Marlitt

See John, Eugenie.

Eadmer, Or Edmer

Eadmer, Or Edmer, an English monk and historian, died in 1124. He was chosen in 1120 bishop of St. Andrews in Scotland, but the Scottish king refusing to allow his consecration by the archbishop of Canterbury, and thus to admit the primacy of that see, he either declined the bishopric or abdicated it after a short possession, and died as a monk of Canterbury. Besides a life of his friend St. An-selm, contained in most of his editions of An-selm's works, he wrote the lives of Wilfred, Dunstan, and other English saints; but his most valuable work is the "History of his own Times," an account of the principal events in England and in the English church from 1066 to 1122 (best ed. by Selden, 1623).

Earl Gnstaf Brinkmann

Earl Gnstaf Brinkmann, a Swedish diplomatist and poet, born Feb. 24, 1764, died in Stockholm, Jan. 10, 1848. He studied in Germany, and was in the diplomatic service from 1792 to 1810. The university of Upsal, to which he presented his library, made him doctor, and he was also made a baron and a member of the academy. His first poems were published in Leipsic (2 vols., 1789), under the name of Selmar; his Philosophische Ansichten und Gedichte appeared anonymously in Berlin (1801); and his poem Die Welt des Genius (1821) received the first prize of the academy. He was erroneously regarded as the author of K. L. von Woltmann's anonymous Memoir en des Freiherrn von S - a (3 vols., Prague, 1815).

Earl Marshal

See Earl.

Earl Of Bath

Earl Of Bath. See Pulteney, William.

Earl Of Bute Stuart John

See Bute.

Earl Of Chatham

Earl Of Chatham. See Pitt, William.

Earl Of Leicester

See Dudley, Robert.

Earl Of March

See Mortimer, Pvoger.

Earl Of Moira

See Hastings, Francis.

Earl Of Moray

See Murray.

Earl Of Mulgrave John Sheffield

See Buckingham, or Buckinghamshire, Duke of.

Earl Of Nottingham

See Howard, Charles.

Earl Of Oxford

See Harley, Robert.

Earl Of Pembroke

See Heebeet, William.

Earl Of Saint Vincent

See Jervis, Sir John.

Earl Of Shelburne William Petty

See Lansdowne.

Earl Of Somerset Robert Carr

See Over-bury, Sir Thomas.

Earl Of Stirling

See Alexander, William.

Earl Of Warwick John Dudley

See Dudley.

Earls Of Dorset

Earls Of Dorset. See Sackville.

Earls Of Orford

See Walpole.


Early, a S. W. county of Georgia, bordering on Alabama, bounded W. by the Chattahoochee river; area, 500 sq. m.; pop. in 1870, 6,998, of whom 4,172 were colored. The surface is a fertile plain, watered by Spring creek and several of its branches, and occupied by corn and cotton plantations, interspersed with forests of oak and yellow pine. The Chattahoochee is navigable along the border of the county by steamboats, and the smaller streams furnish good water power. On the bank of Colamoka creek is a remarkable ancient mound, 75 ft. high, with a level surface on the top 240 by 90 ft. in extent. The chief productions in 1870 were 129,092 bushels of Indian corn, 11,-201 of oats, 22,614 of sweet potatoes, and 3,461 bales of cotton. The value of live stock was $193,961. Capital, Blakely.