Family Dinner Menus

Celery and Tomato Puree Imperial Sticks.

Iroquois Steak.

Potatoes en Casserole.

Lettuce and Pimiento Salad, French Dressing.

Sally's Bread Pudding, Roxbury Sauce.

Onion Soup.

Hollenden Halibut.

Mashed Potatoes.

Templeton Stuffed Peppers.

Raisin Puff, Foamy Sauce.

Mutton Duck French Fried Potatoes Spinach German Tomato Salad Cheese Wafers.

Table Laid for Dinner.

Table Laid for Dinner.

Fig Custard.

Appledore Soup.

Crisp Crackers.

Smothered Chicken, Swedish Style.

Candied Sweet Potatoes.

Corn Souffle.

Fruit Tapioca.

Potage Longchamps.

Kernels of Pork.

Savory Potatoes.

Glazed Silver Skins.

Lettuce and Radish Salad.

Cold Pineapple Souffle.

Formal Dinner Menus

Dexter Canapes.

Little Neck Clams Filippini Consomme Radishes.

Brown Bread Sandwiches Pulled Bread Salted Almonds.

Smelts a la Guaymas.

Julienne Potatoes.

Dressed Cucumber.

Larded Stuffed English Partridge,.

Cold Orange Sauce.

Jarvis Peppers.

Carlton Salad.

Stuffed Mushroom Caps.

Parfait Amour.

Chocolate Dipped Candied Orange Peel.

Frozen Cheese Alexandria Toasted Crackers.

Cafe Noir.

Scallop Cocktail.

Clear Mushroom Soup Celery.

Mock Cassava Bread Olives.

Stuffed Turbans of Flounder Devonshire Saddle of Mutton Lorette Potatoes Baked Stuffed Egg Plant Club Punch Delmonico Tomatoes Ginger Ale Jelly Salad Devilled Sandwiches Montrose Pudding After Dinner Mints Liptaner Cheese Water Crackers.

Cafe Noir.

Five o'clock Tea Menus

Commonwealth Marmalade Sandwiches.

Sardine Biscuit.

Scotch Five o'Clock Teas.

Russian Tea Hot Marshmallow Chocolate.

Turkish Mint Paste.

Honor Sandwiches.

Table Laid for Afternoon Tea.

Table Laid for Afternoon Tea.

Marshmallow Teas Hawaiian Five o'Clock Tea.

Peanut Bars Oriental Punch.

Chocolate Fudge.

Spanish Sandwiches Piquante Cheese Crackers.

Keswick Gingerbread.

Syracuse Tea Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream.

Raisin Opera Caramels.

Fairmont Sandwiches Cream Wafers Chocolate Nut Bars.

Jamaica Five o'Clock Tea Card Punch.

Knickerbocker Figs.

Cinnamon Toast Pastry Stars Five o'Clock Tea, Lemon Cut Sugar.

Pimiento Cheese Wafers Sultana Sticks Reception Cocoa Whipped Cream.

Salted Almonds.

Sunday Night Supper Menus

Chilaly Unsweetened Wafer Crackers Canned Peaches Mock Angel Cake.

Ginger Ale.

Bolivia Salad Celery.

Salad Rolls.

Frangipan Cream Pie.

Pineapple Lemonade.

Table Laid for Sunday Night or After Theatre Supper.

Table Laid for Sunday Night or After Theatre Supper.

Manhattan Scallops.

Lettuce Sandwiches.

Lord Baltimore Cake.

Russian Tea.

Scalloped Scallops.

Pepper Relish.

Parker House Rolls.

Raised Fruit Loaf.

Cocoa with Whipped Cream.

Epicurean Finnan Haddie.

Brown Bread Sandwiches.

Moulded Cheese with Bar-le-Duc Strawberries.

Wafer Crackers Moette Punch.