Raised French Pies

Are often made in winter, as they will keep a week or two closely covered, and they are frequently sent, packed in a close tin box, for a considerable distance as a Christinas gift. These pies have standing crust or walls, and may be filled with game or poultry, previously boned, seasoned and stewed, and they are generally made very large. " Put the pie into an oven and bake until brown. The lid must be baked separately. When both are done, remove the bones and bread crusts from the inside of the pie, and fill with the prepared ingredients, which must be previously stewed in their own gravy, with the addition of bits of butter rolled in flour." (See Pate).

American Pie

A Philadelphian claims that there are more pies eaten in his city than in New York. He says that Philadelphia makes about 45,000 pies per day throughout the year, which makes 315,000 pies per week, or 1,588,500 for the entire year. In a single day it uses for the average run of pies 40 tubs, 32 qts. each of fruit, 300 qts. of milk, 7 barrels of flour, 500 lbs. of lard, 400 lbs. of cheese, 60 doz. eggs, and various other ingredients in lesser quantities. The total output from all the large concerns is about 20,000 pies daily. Then there are hundreds of small bake-shops and each of them makes from half a dozen to several hundred pies, or altogether about 25,000 per day. This makes the total number about 45,000 per day, or 15,885,500 in a year. In New York one of the foremen of a large factory stated: "In our establishment we turn out every kind of pie so far discovered, but there are certain kinds that are staple. These are apple, mince, lemon, grape, raisin, plum, gooseberry, whortleberry, strawberry, peach, raspberry, pineapple, pumpkin, and custard. Apple, mince, lemon, pumpkin, and custard are the favorites.

All our material is the best in the market, and we buy it in large quantities, always keeping our orders ahead." "How much material do you use daily?" asked the reporter. " In a single day we use about 100 dozen eggs, 850 pounds of lard, 12 barrels of flour, 600 quarts of milk, 2,500 quarts of fruit, and turn out about 7,000 pies, or about 50,000 a week and 2,600,000 a year. The output from the large concerns in the city will amount to 35,000 pies daily, and the bakers will turn out about 40,000 more, or 75,000 a day, 525,000 a week, and 27,300,000 per year, an average of about sixteen pies per capita".

Yale Pie

Put three or four pounds of steak, seasoned with pepper and salt, into a medium-sized dish; cut in pieces two chickens, lay them on the steak, and over them put a dozen oysters, without the liquor, add six hard boiled eggs; pour in half a pint of strong ale; and cover the whole with fresh mushrooms and half a pound of neat's foot jelly; cover the dish with a good paste, and bake in a brisk oven.

Veal Pie

"Weal pie," said Sammy Weller, "is a werry good thing when it isn't cats and you know the woman wot made it".