May take:

Turtle and oxtail soups, mutton and chicken broths, beef-tea, meat essences, nourishing soups and broths. fish, roast or broiled beef, fowl and game, bacon, etc., eggs, cooked and raw with milk, butter, oatmeal, lentil Hour, milk puddings, vegetables, and fruits (stewed or baked), milk, aerated waters, cocoa, chocolate, cream, weak tea or coffee with milk, Vichy water, lemonade.

Must avoid:

Salmon, mackerel, veal, pork, excess of green vegetables, peas, beans, potatoes, carrots, salads, pies, pastry, uncooked fruits, pickles, anything likely to upset digestion.


1. Live in the open air as much as possible.

2. Wear wool next the skin both day and night.

3. Take moderate exercise. Avoid fatigue, excitement, and overheated rooms.

4. Encourage the action of the skin by the use of a warm bath every night.


May take:

Mutton, chicken, rabbit, or veal broth without vegetables, raw meat pulp, scraped lamb or mutton, beef juice, meat essences, calf's foot or clear meat jellies, sweetbread, eggs, milk puddings, sterilised or boiled milk, peptonised milk, or milk and soda, koumiss, whey, iced water, soda-water, white wine whey, raw white of egg in water, rice water.

Must avoid:

All rich soups, beef-tea, fish, fried and boiled meats, hashes, curries, preserved and salt meats, green vegetables, potatoes, oatmeal, new bread, brown bread, all fruits, sweets, pastry, nuts, malt liquors, wines.


1. Rest as much as possible in recumbent position.

2. In all acute cases the food should be taken every two hours in quantities not exceeding four fluid ounces at a time.

3. Avoid chill.

4. Increase amount of food very slowly.

Heart Affection

May take:

Broth and beef-tea, (dear soups, boiled white fish, oysters, lightly cooked meat once daily, lightly boiled or poached eggs, stale white bread, toast, milk puddings, vegetables and stewed fruits (except stone fruit), milk, koumiss, hot water, weak tea, cocoa from the nibs, Carlsbad, Hunyadi, and Vichy mineral waters.

Must avoid:

Rich soups, excess of animal food of any kind, salt meats, pork, salmon, mackerel, goose, duck, new bread, tapioca, broad beans, peas, new pota-toes, nuts, strong tea, coffee, chocolate, aerated waters, malt liquors, sparkling wines, pastry, condiments, sauces, cheese, pickles, and anything likely to cause indigestion.


1. Take light meals, avoid late nights.

2. Moderate graduated exercise is good.

3. Avoid hot baths.

4. Take rest, and avoid over fatigue of mind and body.


May take:

Broths, beef-tea, raw meat juice, whiting, cod, haddock, flounders, sardines, white fish, oysters, roast or bailed meat, scraped raw meats, chicken, rabbit, game, tripe, sweetbread, eggs (lightly boiled, fried, poached, or scrambled), wholemeal bread and brown bread, toast, oatmeal porridge, milk puddings, vegetables in moderate quantities, milk, cream, weak tea, cocoa, fresh lemonade, aerated waters.

Must avoid:

Thin soups, salmon, mackerel, veal, pork, salted meats, hashes, stews, excess of potatoes, broad beans, new bread, pies, pastry, strong tea or coffee, acid fruits, wines, spirits.


1. Avoid mental and physical fatigue, and rest as much as possible.

2. Take a tepid or cold bath each morning, and sponge the spine with cold water for several minutes.

3. Regular moderate exercise must be taken in the open air.

4. Sleep nine hours every night in a well ventilated room.

5. Fresh air day and night is important in all cases of "nerves."

6. Have any cause of indigestion attended to. such as bad teeth. Meals must be light but nourishing, and well cooked.


May take:

Clear soups and unthickened broths, fish with white sauce (no flavouring to be used in the cooking), mutton, beef, veal, pork, ham, bacon, chicken, game, pigeon, tongue, sweetbread, tripe (with as much of the natural fat as possible), cream and butter, farinaceous foods, bran or soya bread, thin slices of burnt toast, almond cakes, well boiled vegetables, apples, lemons, oranges, gooseberries, currants, nuts (except chestnuts), whipped cream, plain jellies, custards, blancmange made with cream instead of milk, cheese (saccharin or levulose may be used instead of sugar for sweetening), cream, koumiss, skimmed milk, whey, aerated waters, weak tea or coffee, fresh lemonade, Carlsbad, Vichy, Marienbad waters.

Must avoid:

Sugar, wheaten bread, brown bread, milk in quantity, cocoa, beetroot, potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes, carrots, peas, beans, parsnips, turnips, sea kale, celery, onions, all candied fruits and sweets, all kinds of preserved fruits, ripe fruit, sago, macaroni, arrowroot, tapioca, rice, cornflour, barley, oatmeal, pastry, biscuits, sweets, jams, preserves, extract of malt, treacle, sweet wines, pickles, liver, alcohol, except whisky and brandy.


1. Avoid exposure to cold and fatigue.

2. Let the clothing be warm, and wear flannel next the skin.

3. Encourage the action of the skin by the use of tepid sponge baths each morning.


May take:

Clear soups and broths, beef-tea, white fish and butter sauce, poached or lightly boiled eggs, roast, boiled, grilled meat, chickens, rabbit, etc.. sweetbread and tripe, stale aerated or wholemeal bread, toast, plain biscuits, small quantities of green vegetables, jellies, grapes, cream, oranges, melons, custards, bananas, prunes, apples, pears, currants, gooseberries, strawberries, raspberries, hot water, milk, aerated waters, weak tea, fresh lemonade, Bath and Harrogate mineral waters.

Must avoid:

All thick soups, salmon, herring, mackerel, shellfish, tinned fish, salt and smoked fish, salt meats, hare, high game, tongue, ham, hard-boiled eggs, rice, arrowroot, oatmeal, new potatoes, cabbage, parsnips, turnips, radishes, carrots, rhubarb, plums, damsons, apricots, peaches, nectarines, figs (when taking arsenic), nuts, pastry, sweets, jams, confectionery, new bread, cheese, pickles, spices.


1. Live a hygienic life.

2. Wear soft linen next the skin.

3. Avoid soap of any kind. Use oatmeal and water to wash the parts.

4. Dyspepsia will increase any tendency to eczema, so attend to diet and regulate the quality and quantity of food carefully.

5. The state of the general health is very important as eczema, however chronic, improves when the health is good and becomes worse when a person is run down.

6. Thus fresh air, moderate exercise, rest, and sufficient sleep are all important.