Wash a cupful of rice. Rub it hard between the hands and use several waters, till there is no milkiness. Put the rice into a double boiler, pour over it one quart of boiling water and add two teaspoonfuls of salt. Allow one hour for it to boil. In ten minutes stir gently with a fork. After that do not touch it. Fifteen minutes before dinner, drain off all the water. Uncover and let it dry out. Put on the cover, once in a while, and shake it violently up and down. Heap lightly in a dish, and serve uncovered. Rice cooked in this way will make a beautiful looking dish, every kernel standing separate and dry.

It may be cooked in an ordinary sauce-pan, but is more liable to burn. In this case boil hard and fast for twenty minutes, shaking the sauce-pan frequently, not sideways, but up and down.

Leave it uncovered to dry after draining, only about five minutes.

To use what is left, see "Ways to use Cold Rice."

Ways To Use Cold Potatoes

Boiled Potatoes.

Fried Potatoes.

In Hash.

In Stew.

Potatoes with Giblets.

Maitre d'Hotel Potato.

Kentucky or Escaloped Potato.

Lyonnaise Potatoes.

Broiled Potatoes.

Potatoes and Cream.

Stewed Potatoes, with Gravy.

Potato Rechauffee.

Potato Salad.

Potato au Gratin

Mashed Potato.

Potato Balls.

Potato Croquettes.

In Fish Balls.

St. Patrick's Pie.

Potato Puff.

Breakfast Turnovers.

Stuffing For Fish Or Poultry

To thicken Soup. Casserole of Fish. Escaloped Fish. In Codfish Puff. With Mashed Turnips. In Parsnip Cakes. Salmon a l' Indienne.

Ways To Use Cold Rice

In Soup.

Rice and Tomatoes.

Stuffed Tomatoes.


Casserole Rice and Meat.

Chicken baked in Rice.

Baked Rice.

An Appetizing Breakfast Dish


Rice and Meat Croquettes.

Rice Croquettes.

Rice Balls.

Rice Waffles.

Rice Corn Bread.

Rice Muffins.

Rice Griddle Cakes.

Rice Pudding.

Snow Balls.

Hidden Apples.

Anglo-Francais Pie

Ways To Use Cooked Tomato

In Soup. Tomato Sauce. In Hash. In Stews.

An Appetizing Breakfast Dish. Rice and Tomatoes. A Summer Medley. Okra and Tomatoes.