Banquet to Signor Salvini, given by the Italian Colony in London, at the Panton Hotel (proprietor, Mr. R. Prattf). Covers laid for fifty. Dining room profusely decorated with flowers and with Italian and English flags.


Ostriche Native.


Caviale, Sardine, Salame, Tonno, Seller!, etc.


Ravioli al Brodo. Risotto con Tartuffi.


Frittura Mista.


Salmone Bellito, Salsa alia Genovese e Salsa Hollandese.


Polio Sante alia Salvini. Animelle di Vitello alia Minuta eon Tartuffi.

Punch Alla Romana

Asparagi alia Milanese. Aspic d'Aragosta alia Garibaldi.


Agnello alio Spiedo. Insalata assortitia.


Quaglie rostite.



Ananas all' Orientals.

Croccante di Amandole.

Gelati alia Napolitana.

Gateau alia Vanille.

Petits Souffles all' Indiana.

Dessert Assortito

Carle e Liquori.


Sauterne. Chianti. Barolo.

The first dish above named is not ostrich, but oysters - English "natives," raw, ol course, and it is very rarely that a French menu is formed that way, for the cold hors d'ceuvres here follow the oysters under another heading; the Italians call them anti-fasto, and regard them as much a necessary part of a good dinner as the soup or fish. After them the soup, and after the soup the hot hors cfceuvre, which Italians call the fritto. After that the fish with two sauces but no potatoes, the fancy form of potatoes with fish seeming, therefore, not to be an Italian fashion. After the fish comes the entrees, just as seen in so many New York bills, and after them the. punch, which is according to French fash-Ion as well. The cold dishes following the punch is just like some New York bills of fare and still more are the two next divisions where there are roast lamb and assorted salads in the same place as the French roti and salade would be, but is different in having still another "game" division for the roast quail.

All the rest are sweets and wines.