Two Dollars Without Wine

For dinners in private rooms the prices vary. Here is the menu of a dinner at 7s. 6d. a head, given by the editor of a society paper to his staff of lady contributors:

Consomme de Volaille a la Rosalie.

Garbure lie.

Filets de Soles a la Morney.

Blanchailles au Naturel et a la Diable.

Petits Ris en Caisse aux Pointes d'Asperges.

Pigeons de Bordeaux sautes a la Nicols.

Quartier d'Agneau, Sauce Menthe.

Pommes rissolees.

Petits Pois.

Poultts de Printemps.

Jambon d'York.


Beignets de Pommes.

Souffles au Chocolat glacis.

Fromages. Dessert.

A Ten-Dollar Meal For Five Dollars

If you are a frugal man you will never go to the Brunswick or Delmonico's alone. Take your wife, your daughter or your sweetheart along, for in these establishments each portion served will be found sufficient for two, and each is intended for two. The extra service costs nothing. If you have no lady Iriend or relative in town take a gentleman along, and remember, if you are on terms of close intimacy with him, that there is no impropriety in throwing out a gentle hint that the expense be borne equally by each. Your repast may cost you each a dollar, or it may cost ten dollars. Take, as an instance, this very general order:

Rockaway oysters...


California brook trout...


Shoulder of lamb...


Mallard duck...


Bermuda potatoes...






Champagne, quart bottle...


Malaga grapes...


Turkish cofffee..


This sums up...


Give the waiter eleven dollars and accept no change, otherwise he will be offended and will be sure to receive you with a scowl next time yon call. Your meal will thus cost you each five dollars and a half. There Is no extra charge for occupying a private room, but you cannot have one unless your party is sufficiently large to fill It. The smallest of these rooms is intended to accommodate four persons. A costly display of ornamentation is rarely made or desired for small parties. Regularly organized societies or clubs and associations of college graduates have the monopoly of these things, and the expense can be made light or heavy as the guests desire. A small fortune can be expended In a night on flowers, menus and souvenirs.

Dinners At Thirty Dollars

The chef at the Brunswick says that no dinner has recently been served at the establishment at which the cost per cover exceeded thirty dollars. In one instance the party consisted of forty ladies and gentlemen, who believe that the acme of human happiness is to sit perched aloft on a tally-ho as it rumbles over the highways. A bright and chatty waiter, employed in the place, said: "Dinners at thirty dollars, or even at twenty dollars, are as few and far between as those at seventy-five dollars. You will be about correct if you say a complete dinner with wine can be served to small parties for from twelve to fifteen dollars each, and for large ones at from eight to ten dollars each".