Chinampo, or Chinnampho, a free port on the N. coast of Corea, 105 m. N W. of Seoul. Pop. 17,000.


Chinandega (Tcheenanday'ga), a Nicaraguan town, 30 miles NW. of Leon. Pop. 11,000.

China Sea

China Sea, the portion of the Pacific Ocean to the east of China and Siam.

Chincha Islands

Chincha Islands, three bare, rocky islets of Peru, 6 1/4 miles in area and 200 feet high, which in 1841-74 yielded millions of tons of guano.


Chinchilla (Tchin-cheel'ya), a town of Spain, 12 miles SE. of Albacete by rail. Pop. 5972.


Chinchon', a town of Spain, 25 miles SE. of Madrid. Pop. 4913.


Chindwa'ra, a town in the Central Provinces, 70 miles N. by W. of Nagpur. Pop. 10,000.


Chindwln, a tributary of the Irawadi (q.v.).


Chingalpat (Chengalpat), a town of India, 36 miles S\V. of Madras by rail. Pop. 9617.


Chingford, an Essex village, 9 1/2 miles NE. of London, in Epping Forest, with a golf course. Pop. 4400.


Ching-tu, or Chentu, capital of Sze-chwan, in a fertile plain and rich mining country. It has a great arsenal and a population of a million.


Chin-Kiang, a Chinese port on the Yang-tsze-kiang, 40 miles ENE. of Nanking, opened to foreign trade in 1861. Pop. 235,000.


Chinon (Shee-nong), an antique town in the dep. of Indre-et-Loire, on the Vienne, 31 miles SW. of Tours by rail. On a lofty rock are the ruins of its vast old castle, the death-place of Henry II.; and the place where, in 1429, Joan of Arc revealed her mission to the Dauphin. A farmhouse across the Vienne is pointed out as Rabelais' birthplace. Pop. 4365.


Chin'sura, a town on the right bank of the Huglf, originally Dutch, but ceded to the British in 1825, and now included in Hugli (q.v.).


Chioggia, or Chiozza (Kee-od'ja, Kee-ot'za), a seaport and cathedral city of Italy, 15 miles SSW. of Venice, on an island at the southern end of the Venetian Lagoon, connected with the mainland by a stone bridge of 43 arches. Pop., inclusive of Sottomarina, 30,0S4.


Chippenham, a municipal borough in Wiltshire, on the Avon, here crossed by a bridge of twenty-two arches, 13 miles NE. of Bath. An ancient place, it was captured by the Danes from Alfred the Great in 878, and now consists chiefly of a long well-built street. It has a trade in cheese and other agricultural produce, but its cloth manufactures have declined. It lost its last parliamentary member in 1885. Population, 5100.

Chippewa Falls

Chippewa Falls, capital of Chippewa county, Wisconsin, on the Chippewa River, 114 miles by rail E. of St Paul, with saw and flour mills and a large lumber-trade. Pop. 8094.

Chipping Campden

Chipping Campden. See Campden.

Chipping Norton

Chipping Norton (meaning northern market-town'), a municipal borough in the north of Oxfordshire, 85 miles NW. of London by rail, with woollen, tweed, and glove manufactures. Pop. 3780.

Chipping Ongar

Chipping Ongar. See Ongar.

Chipping Sodbury

Chipping Sodbury ('southern market-borough '), a Gloucestershire market-town, near the Frome, 10 1/2 miles NE. of Bristol. Pop. of parish, 1128.