Dinner given by the Scottish Society of Sheffield, at the Clarence Hotel in that town, to Commemmorate the anniversary of the poet Burns: The Praises wi' admonition due will say the "Selkirk Grace".

Some ha'e meat that canna eat, An' some wad eat that want it;

But we ha'e meat an' we can eat, Sac let the Lord be thankit.

The Denner

Fi, st Roun'-Cock o' Leekie. Clear Turtle. Scotch Broth.

Second Round

Snlmort, Kennel Sauce. Frizzled Smelts, Sauce Tartare. Bristled Glesca' Magistrates.

Third Round

Scotch Collops. Calf's lleid an' Mushrooms. Stewed Kidneys a la Champagne.

Fourth Round

The Pibroch will soun' the approach o' The Haggis. A wee drap o' Talisker.

Fifth Round

A bit wee lambie an' a bit o' its Mither. Sirloin o' Beef. Tatties Biled an' Chappit. Bashed Neeps.

Sixth Round

Roastit an' Biled Bubbly Jock. Roastit Deuks an' Hens. Tung an' Grumphy a la Champagne.

Seventh Round

Some sma' Birds. Roastit Pheasants an' Muir Fowl.

Eighth Round

Cabinet Puddin'. Lemon Puddin'.

Ninth Round

Sultane, French Pastry, Compote of Rhubarb, an' Orange, Greengage an' Apple Tairts, Charlotte Russea n' Raspberry Creams, Custard, Meringues a la Creme, Noyeau an' Maraschinojel-lies Trifle, wi' ither sunkets couthie to the kyte.


Pineapples, Grapes, Apricots, Pears, Oranges, Apples, Filberts, Walnuts, etc.

We thank Thee for these mercies, Lord, . Sae far beyond oor merits;

Noo, waiter lads, clear aff the plates, An' fesh us in the spirits.

Wines, etc. (List on the Table). But nane need drink that are na dry.