A Salmi Of Eggs

Boil half a dozen of bruised Shallots in a glass of white Wine for about five or six minutes; mix this liquid with pounded roasted Livers of Hares, Rabbits, or any other kind of Game, to give it the taste; (from which this Dish is called Salmi) add six Yolks of Eggs beat up with a little Gravy, and one or two spoonfuls of well-seasoned Cullis; strain it through a Stamine, and bake it au Bain-Marie.

Oeufs A La Crème - Eggs With Cream

Steep the Crumb of a French Roll in good Cream till it is quite soaked; add Sugar, Macaroni-drops, preserved Orange-flowers, rasped Lemon-peel, a little Salt, and eight Eggs, whipped together; butter a sheet of white Paper on both sides, which you put into a Pan, and pour the composition thereon; bake it in the Oven: When done, take off the Paper, and garnish it with Nonpareils like a Cake.

Oeufs Aux Epinars - Eggs With Spinach

Scald a handful of Spinach in boiling Water, and drain it to pound in a mortar; pour in a pint of Cream when well pounded, to make the Cream of a fine pea-green; add a little Salt, six or eight Yolks of Eggs, preserved Orange-flowers, Macaroni-drops, and rasped Lemon-peel; sift it in a Stamine with expres-sion, and pour it upon the Table dish; keep it a good while on a middling Fire to catch a little at the bottom without burning; glaze it with Sugar Powder, and colour it with a hot Shovel. - All these Dishes ought to be done on Silver Plates.

Oeufs Meringu'es. Frothed Eggs

Beat up the Whites of four Eggs, and eight Yolks, with two spoonfuls of Water, some Salt, Sugar, and the Juice of one Lemon; fry this as masked Eggs, and put it upon the Table-dish; whip up the remaining four Whites to a Froth with Sugar, and place it upon the other; bake it in a Dutch Oven, or with a high Cover sifted for these purposes. - I shall again repeat, that it is the Whites of Eggs frothed, that gives. the name of Meringue.

Oeufs H La Bonne Amie

Eggs in a friendly easy Way. Beat up six Yolks of Eggs, and four Whites, with a spoonful of Rice-flour, half a pint of Cream, a little Salt, rasped Lemon-peel, Orange-flowers, and Macaroni-drops; boil it in a Stew-pan slowly about half an hour, stirring continually, and glaze it with Sugar as usual of a brown colour.

Oeufs Au Naturel. Eggs In A Plain Way

Mix a spoonful of Flour, with eight or ten Eggs, Pepper, Salt, Nutmeg, and a quarter of a pound of melted Butter; sift it in a Stamine, rub the Tabledish with Butter, bake on a slow Fire, and colour with the Salamander or hot Shovel.

Oeufs a l'Eau, Eggs with Water. B0IL five or six spoonfuls of Water, with Lemon-peel, Coriander-seed, and Sugar; when it tastes enough of the Seasoning, let it cool, beat up six or eight Yolks of Eggs with it, strain it through a Sta-mine, and finish as the last.

Oeufs En Surprise Au Basilic - Sham Eggs, With Basil

Cut hard-boiled Eggs in two, take out the Yolks, and instead thereof, fill the Whites with a good ready-prepared Salpicon Farce, or Ragout (the Farce is the most proper by its being minced finer); join the two halves together, and folder them with Yolks, as if whole; dip them in Yolks beat up with Salt, Pepper, and chopped green Basil, fry them in Hog's Lard Friture, or Oil, and serve with fried Parsley.