Oeufs A La Princesse

Beat up with Orange-slower, Macaroni-drops, a few chopped Pistachio-nuts, and Cinnamon, and finished like a Cream.

Oeufs A La Coquette

The Yolks of poached Eggs, beat up with Cream, Orange-flowers, etc. etc. finish-ed like a Cream, and put into the Whites again.

Oeufs Au Trufes

The Yolks taken out, and mixed with Truffles as a Rogout, and served in the Shells, or in the Whites, being hard boiled.

Oeufs A La Suisse

Beat up with rasped or melted Swiss Cheese, sweet Herbs, and other Seasoning; finished like an Omelet or Brouilles.

Oeufs En Puits

Scooped as a well: Make a Gratin with a well-seasoned Farce, pretty thick; fink as many holes as you propose serving poached Eggs therein.

Oeufs a la Celestine, an Order of Nuns so called: A Fricassee of hard Eggs, with all sorts of Seasoning; garnished round as the Cream au Chapelet, and a thin Omelet upon the Fricassee as a cover.

Oeufs En Canelons

Hard-boiled, cut long-ways; wrapped in Paste, dipped in Batter, and fried of a brown colour.

Oeufs D La Moelle

Hard Eggs pounded with Marrow and Seasoning, made into small bullets, and wrapped in thin Paste to fry, Oeufs au Fromage. With Cheese; done upon the Table-dish, as those au Miroir, with rasped Cheese under and over; coloured with a hot Shovel.

Oeufs d l'AiL With Garlick; a Cullis Sauce, with sweet Herbs, and a pretty strong taste of Garlick, to serve upon poached Eggs.

Oeufs A La Folette

Fantastic, etc. etc. See Oeufs me-ringues; the Yolks put upon a thick Ragout of Sorrel, done with Cream, and finished as above.

Oeufs En Ragout

Hard boiled, cut into quarters, and just warmed in a Ragout of Mushrooms, Cocks Combs, Sweet-breads, or any other.

Oeufs A L'estragon

The Yolks boiled; taken out to mix as a Farce, with chopped Taragon, and other Seasoning, and put into the Whites to fry.

Oeufs A La Ravigotte

Poached Eggs, with Ravigotte Sauce, See Sauces, Oeufs aux fines Heches. A Farce made with Butter and all sorts of seasoning Herbs; the Eggs done upon it between two Fires, or in the Oven.

Oeufs A La Bechamel

fricasseed, or boiled hard, and then warmed in the Sauce.

Oeufs A La Sauce De Merluche

Hard boiled, and warm-ed in this Sauce.

Oeufs A La Piemontoise, From Piedmont, A Province In France

Done upon a Gratin, made of Cheese, Butter, and bits of Bread; the Yolks and Whites beat up together, with proper Seasoning, and finished as usual.

Oeufs A La Poele; A Frying-pan

Boiled hart!, cut into quarters, and tossed up with a little Butter, Lard, and chopped sweet Herbs; served with Cullis Sauce.

Oeufs Farcis

Boiled hard; the Yolks taken out to make a Farce, with Butter, Seasoning, and a little Cream; then put in the Whites, and folder with Yolks to fry.