Consomme A La Kursel

Clear soup with spring vegetables, peas, asparagus-heads and shred lettuce.

Consomme Printaniere

Springsoup; clear with early summer vegetables, especially peas and asparagus-heads.

Consomme Printaniere Royale

Printaniere with royale custards in it besides the vegetables.

Consomme A La Chatelaine

Clear soup with royale custards, made of 1/2 pint purde of white or ions in 10 yolks and 2 eggs and spoonful of cream and seasonings; also, peas and cut string beans.

Consomme A La Palestine

Chicken broth with stewed Jerusalem artichokes in slices; also some rice cooked separately in distinct grains and mixed in.

Consomme A La Napolitaine

Clear, strong game broth, with stewed celery in small squares, game forcemeat quenelles, macaroni in inch lengths, and shapes of fried bread.

Consomme Aux Petits Navets A Brun

Clear soup with brown-fried cubes of turnip.

Consomme Aux Quenelles

Clear soup with small balls of chicken meat finely pounded, mixed with cream, yolks, finely minced parsley, seasonings, poached separately.

Consomme Aux Profite Rolles

Clear soup with light balls of choux paste in the plates. (See choux). These are boiled in broth with the steam shut in if to be served immediately, for they rise and then fall; but, if not, are baked in a very slack oven till dry, when they remain light. The paste for these has a proportion of grated cheese mixed in.

Consomme A La Xavier

Pron. Hevier. Clear soup with shred lettuce or cabbage and other vegetables, and pea-shaped drops of paste made by dripping egg-batter through a colander into it while boiling.

Consomme Julienne

Clear brandy-colored soup with vari-colored vegetables, which are cut into shreds, like straws, and half cooked in butter and sugar before being added to it.


Savarin says that he taught a New York restaurant-keeper named Julien how to change his ordinary pot-au-feu into this artistic soup, and that it had a great run as Julien's soup.

Consomme A La Brunoise

Clear brown soup with vari-colored vegetables cut in very small squares, and green peas.

Consomme A La Paysanne

Peasant's soup. Clear broth with various vegetables cut small, and shred lettuce.

Consomme A La Jardiniere

Gardener's soup, perhaps flowery soup. Clear soup with varicolored vegetables stamped in small fancy shapes. There are jardiniere cutters to be bought which perform this operation speedily enough.

Consomme A Lachiffonade

Clear soup, like paysanne, with shred lettuce and peas.

Consomme A La Sevigne

Clear chicken broth having royale custards consisting of pounded chicken meat and eggs, and green peas and small cut green string beans in the plates.

Consomme A La Talma

Clear soup with royale custards made of almond puree, or milk mixed with eggs, and boiled rice in the plates.

Consomme Aux Trois Racines

Clear soup with cubes of carrots, turnips and celery.

Consomme Au Macaroni

Clear brown soup with,macaroni boiled separately, cut in rings and added to the consomme when served - not to dull its clearness by being stirred about in it.

Consomme Aux Croutes

Clear soup with small thin triangles of bread, fried in butter, in the plates.

Consomme A La Careme

Clear soup, brandy-color, containing small round lozenge-shapes of vegetables, lettuce, sorrel, chervil leaves, asparagus points, little sugar with the seasonings, and small shapes of bread toasted in the oven.

Consomme Au Riz

Clear soup with a little rice in large distinct grains, washed after cooking, then put in the soup.

Consomme Aux Petits Pois

Clear soup with very green peas - June peas or French. (Seepotages and soups).