Consomme Au Tapioca

Clear soup with tapioca previously washed and steeped in cold water, drained and simmered in the consomme until transparent.

Consomme A La Royale

Clear light-brown soup containing squares of egg custard; this is made by mixing a very little broth with some eggs as if for an omelet, 5 yolks and 1 whole egg preferable to all eggs, then cooking it in a buttered pan set in another pan of boiling water. If subjected to too much heat and rapid boiling, the custard becomes spongy and cannot be cut to shape. When done, the custard is turned out and cut diamond-wise and a few pieces served in each plate. The changes are to make some all yolk, some all white, and some white colored with beet juice, some green colored with spinach juice or parsley.

Consomme De Lignac

Clear soup containing sherry and with rcyale custards stamped out in round lozenge shapes with shapes of carrot and turnip to match.

Consomme A L'Andalouse

Clear soup with vegetables cut in thin rounds with a column cutter; also a to' mato omelet mixture of i pint tomato sauce mixed with 12 yolks and 2 whole eggs steamed, and a piece of it in each soup plate. The tomato mixture to be either steamed in thimble moulds or cut in diamonds out of large pan.

Consomme A La Macedoine Ue Legumes

Clear soup with all sorts of different-colored vegetables cut into very small dice.

Consomme A La Bourdaloue

Clear chicken broth served with squares of white chicken meat aud French peas in the plates; also in each one a thimble mould of rice, seasoned and bound with yolks and colored like lobster; steamed.

Consomme De Gibier

Clear, dark and strong essence of game soup, with small cubes of breast of grouse and balls of rabbit forcemeat made green with parsley and poached separately.

Consomme A La Montmorency

Clear chicken broth with chicken-forcemeat balls and squares of lasagnes paste in the plates, and also cigarettes of forcemeat rolled up in blanched lettuces; braised.

Consomme Sagou Lie

Clear soup with washed sago simmered in it; about 2 oz. to a gallon.

Consomme Aux Pointes D'Aspergus Et Oeufs Pochks

Clear soup with a poached egg and spoonful of green-cooked asparagus heads in each plate.

Consomme A La Magenta

Clear soup colored slightly with red tomato juice, an assortment of vegetables cut as for macedoine; chopped celery -leaves, chervil and parsley.

Consomme A La Medicis

A white soup slightly thickened with flour and butter; a poached egg in each plate; also, a fried crous/ade filled with puree of chicken (like a patty) served separately.

Consomme A La Rachel

A cream-colored soup thickened with flour and butter, yolks and cream; little custards of chicken forcemeat prepared as for royale, green peas and small cut string beans in the plates.