Monte Corno

Monte Corno. See Apennines.

Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo, an uninhabited islet of granite off the Italian coast, 26 miles S. of Elba.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay, a northern port of Jamaica (q.v.), Monteith. See Menteith.


Montelimar (Mong-tay-li-marr'), a French town, 85 miles S. of Lyons. Pop. 11,121.


Montenotte (Monteynot'teh), a village of northern Italy, 26 miles W. of Genoa, where Napoleon won his first victory over the Austrians in 1796.


Montepulciano (Mon-tey-pool-tchee-ah'no), an episcopal city of Italy, on a high hill, 43 miles by rail SE. of Siena. It was the birthplace of Politian and Bellarmine, and is famous for its red wine. Pop. 15,400.


Montereau (Mongtero'), a town in the French dep. of Seine-et-Marne, at the confluence of the Seine and Yonne, 49 miles SE. of Paris. Here in 1419 the Duke of Burgundy was assassinated ; and near this Napoleon, in 1814, gained his last victory over the allies. Pop. 7479.


Monterey (Monteyray'), a cathedral city, 670 miles by rail N. of Mexico City. Founded in 1599, it was taken by Taylor in 1846. Pop. 66,000.


Monterey, a post-village of California, capital of California when it was a Mexican province, on Monterey Bay of the Pacific, 94 miles S. by E. of San Francisco by rail. Pop. 2500.

Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa, an Alpine mountain mass with four principal peaks, in the Pennine ridge which separates the Swiss canton of Valais from Italy. The highest peak, the Dufourspitze, 15,217 feet high, was first climbed by Mr Smyth in 1855.

Monte Sant Angelo

Monte Sant' Angelo (An'jelo), a city of southern Italy, 28 miles NE. of Foggia, and 2790 feet above sea-level. Pop. 25,109.

Monte Sarchio

Monte Sarchio (Sar'keeo), a town of southern Italy, 13 miles NW. of Avellino. Pop. 5238.


Montferrat (Mongferrah'), formerly an independent marquisate and duchy of Italy, between Piedmont, Milan, and Genoa, in 1631-1703 acquired by the Dukes of Savoy, and now forming part of the kingdom of Italy. It consisted of two separate portions, both lying between the Maritime Alps and the Po, and having a united area of over 1300 sq. m. The capital was Casale.


Montgomery (Montgum'mery), the capital of Alabama, on the left bank of the Alabama River, 400 miles above Mobile. It contains a fine state-house and a handsome Masonic hall, and has foundries, flour-mills, steam cotton-gins, a cotton factory, and oil-works. Several railways meet here, and an active trade is carried on, much cotton, especially, is shipped. Montgomery was for a time the capital of the Confederate States. Pop. (1880) 16,713 ; (1900) 30,346.


Montgomery, a town of the Punjab, in the Multan division, midway between Lahore and Multan. It was named in 1865 after the governor of the Punjab. Pop. 5500.


Montilla (Monteelya), a town of Spain, 23 miles SSE. of Cordova by rail. Pop. 13,701.