Dragon's Blood, a foreign drug, more useful for staining than as a medicine. - See Marble.

Foal, or Colt and Filly, the young of a horse. See Colt.

Cleavers, or Clivers. See Goose-Grass.

Cliff-Kale, or Sea-Kale. See Sea-Colewort.

Clothes. See Moths.

Clotweed. See Burdock the Lesser.

Club-grass. See Club-rusH.

Cock-Chafer. See CHAFER.

Cockle. See Corn-cockle.

Cocks-Head. See Common Saintfoin.

Codded Mouse-Ear. See Common Wall-Cress.

Codlings and CreaM. See Willow-Herb, the Great Hairy, or Large-flowered.

Coloquintida. See Cucumber.

German Black, see Frankfort Blacking, vol. i. p. 2/7.

Dutch-blue. See Blue, vol. i. p. 296.

Combination. See Artificer, vol. i. p. 118.

Compound. See Houses.

Congelation. See Ice.

Corn-berries, or Cranberries: See Bilberry.

Corn-cale. See Charlock.

Corn-flower. See Bluebottle.

Corn-rose. See Red Poppy.

Couch-grass, or Couch-wheat: See Dog-grass.

Cow-Parsley, or Cow-weed. See ChERvil.

Cow-QUAKES See Quaking-grass.

Cox-comb: See Yellow Rattle.

Crake-berry: See Black-ber ried Heath.

Crake-needle: See Common Shepherd's Needle.

Cranberry: See Bilberry.

CreamofTartar. See Tartar.

Crime: See Punishment.

Crocus. See Saffron.

Cuckow-bread. See Common Wood Sorrel.

Cuckow-pint. See Wake Robin.

Cudbear: See ORCHAL.

Curl in potatoes. See Potatoes.

Cyphel. See Common House Leek.

Damascus-Steel. See Steel.

Damp. See Linen.

Dane-wort. See Dwarf El-dee.

Date : See Palm-tRee.

Decanter : See Bottle.

Ditching, Land : See Land.

Dittander : See Pepper-Wort.

Dock-cresses : See Nipplewort.

Docking : See Horses.

Doe : See Deer.

Dogberry-tree. See Cornel-tree.

Dog's-tongue : - See Hound's Tongue.

Dog-Wheat: See Dog's-Grass.

Dove : See Pigeon.

Dove-cote: See Pigeon-house.

Drank. See Darnel.

Draught, in Rural Economy : See Horses and Oxen.

Dwale : See Deadly Nightshade.

Dwarf-bay : See Mezereon. Dway-berries : See Deadly Nightshade.

Edged Tools : See Tools.

Edifices: See Building ; Country-houses ; and Farm-house.

Exdivr: See Succory.

Engine : See Fire.

Erehines. See Sneezing.

Eruption. See Skin.

Erysipelas. See ROS

Everlasting. See Cudweed.

Ewe. See Sheep.

Excess. See Drunkenness.

Excrescence. See Wart.

Fainting. See Swooning.

Falling-sickness. See Epilepsy.

Family-Diet. See Diet, p. 135.

Family-Mill. See Mill.

Farina. See Flour and Pollen.

Farthing-bound. See Cow, p. 89,

Fea-berry. See Rough Goose-Berry.

Fennel, the Water : See Water StarwoRt.

Filberds. See Haselnut TREE.

Fining: See Clarification.

Fits. See Convulsions ; Epilepsy ; Hysterics ; and Spasms.

Flag : See Flower-de-Luce.

Flail: See Threshing.

Flixweed. See Cress.

Floating Land. See Irrigation.

Flowering FeRn : See Osmund-Royal.

Forcing of Wine. See Clarification.

Fowl : See Poultry.

Fowl-grass : See Roughish Meadow-grass.

Fraghaxce: See ODOUR.

French-Wheat: See Buck-wheat.

Fungus. See Mushroom, and White Swelling.

Galling in Medicine. See Excoriation.

Geranium : See Crane's Bill.

Gill. See Ground-ivy.

Gladiole. See Flowering Hush.

Gladwyn, or Gladdon. See Stinking Flower-DE-Luce.

Glass-wort. See SALT-WORT.

Gold-cup. See Bulbous Crow-Foot.

Goldilocks. See Crow-foot.

Goldins. See Great White OX-EYE.

Good Breeding. See vol.i. p. 338.

Good-King-Henry. See Perennial Goose-foot.

Goods. See Loading.

Gooseberry Caterpillar. See vol i. p. 456.

Goose-Corn. See Moss-rush.

Gorze. See Furze.

Grave. See Burial, Bury-ING- grounds, and Funeral Rites.

Gray-mill. See Gromwell.

Greeds. See Duck-meat.

Ground-Ash. See Gout-weed.

Ground-furze. See Rest-harrow.

Guinea-Wheat. See MAIZE.

Gum Ammoniac. See vol. i. p. 41.

Gum Copal. See Copal.

Gum Guaiacum. See Guaia-cum.

Gum Kino. See Kino.

Gum Lac. See Lac.

Gum Senega. See Senega.

Gum Tragacanth See TRAGACANTH.

Gun-shot Wounds. See Wounds.

Guttie. See Calf.

Gypsy - wort. See Water HOREHOUND.

Hanging: See Suspension by the Cord

Hare-bell, or Hare-squill. See "Wild Hyacinth.

Hare-strong. See Commorn or Sea Sulphur-wort.

Hartshorn. See Buckthorn Plantain.

Harts-tongue. See SPLEEN-WORT.

Hasel. See Hazel-nut Tree.

Hather. See Heath.

Hay-water, or Hay-tea. See Vol. i. p. 423.

Hedge-hyssop. See Hyssop-leaved Loose-strife.

Hedge-mustard. See Mustard.

Helme. See Sea-Matweed.

Hemlock, the Lesser. See Fool's Parsley.

Hen-bit. See Fetid Hore-hound.

Hepar Sulphuris. See Liver of Sulphur.

Hef-Tree. See Dog-rose.

herb-Bennet See Common Avens.

Herb - Christopher. See Christopher, the Herb.

Herb-Gerard. See Gout-Weed.

Here-Twopence. See CREEPing Loose-strife.

Hessian Fly : See Fly, the Corn.

Hog's Fennel. See Common or Sea Sulphur-wort.

Hog-weed. See Cow-parsnip.

Honesty. See Traveller's Joy.

Honewort, the Hedge. See Bastard Stone Parsley.

Honey-suckle, the Dwarf. - See Dwarf Cornel.

Hooping-cough. See Chin-cough.

Hop trefoil : See Clover, the Hon ; p. 11, of this volume.

Horned Poppy. See Poppy, the Horned.

Horse-bean. See vol. i. p. 203.

Horse-worm. See Botts.

Hound's-berry. See Cornel-tree.

Hound's-tree. See Cornel-tree.

Hoven, or blown Cattle. See vol. i. p. 464.

Hover, or Haver. See Bearded Wild Oats.

Hurr-bur. See Burdock.

Hurtle-berries. See Bilberries.

Hurt-sickle. See Corn BlueBottle

Hydrocephalus,. See Water in the head.

Hydrophobia. See Bite of a Mad Dog.

Jack-by-the-hedge. See Garlic Hedge Mustard.

James's Powders. See FEVER-POWDERS.

Ice-Boat. See vol. i. p. 299.

Jerusalem-artichoke. See Artichoke.

Jessamine. See Jasmine.