Bill Quay

Bill Quay, on the Tyne, in Durham, 3 miles E. of Gateshead, the seat of shipbuilding yards, bottle-works, etc.


Bilma, a town of the Sahara, Central Africa, situated in 18o 40' N. lat., 14o E. long., on an oasis called the Wady Kawar.


Bilston, a town in South Staffordshire, 2 1/2 miles SE. of Wolverhampton, and within its parliamentary borough. The centre of the hardware trade, it has extensive iron and coal mines, iron-smelting works, iron-foundries for making machinery, besides works for tin-plate goods, japanned and enamelled wares, nails, wire, screws, and coarse pottery. Pop. 25,000.


Biluchistan. See Beluchistan.


Bima, a seaport of Sumbawa, one of the Sunda Isles, on the north coast, 100 miles E. of Sumbawa.


Bimbia, an African district on the south slope of the Cameroon Mountains, and on the river Bimbia, since 1884 part of the German protectorate. See Cameroons.


Binche (Bangsh), a town of Belgium, 10 miles E. of Mons. Pop. 10,100.


Bingen (Bing'en), a town of Hesse, on the left bank of the Rhine, 39 miles SE. of Coblenz. Below the town is the Bingerloch, formerly dangerous to navigation, but in 1834 the sunken rocks were blown up. In mid-river stands the Miiuse-turm of Bishop Hatto. Nearly opposite Bingen, in the Niederwald, is the colossal statue Ger-mania, erected 1877-83 to commemorate the war of 1870-71. Pop. 9215.


Bingham, a town in the county, and 8 1/2 miles E. of the town of Nottingham. Lord Sherbrooke was a native. Pop. of parish, 1687.

Bingham ton

Bingham ton, a flourishing city of New York, at the junction of the Chenango and Susquehanna rivers, 215 miles NW. of New York City. It is an important railway centre, and manufactures flour, enyines, carriages, leather, and cigars. Pop. 41,000.


Bingley, a town in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 5 1/2 miles NW. of Bradford. It has worsted, woollen, cotton, and paper manufactures. Pop. 18,500.


Bintang, a Dutch East Indian island, 40 miles SE. of Singapore. Area, 454 sq. m.; pop. 18,000.


Binue. See Benue.


Biobio, the largest river of Chili, flows 220 miles (100 navigable) WNW. from near the volcano of Antuco in the Andes to Concepcion on the Pacific Ocean. It is 2 miles wide at its mouth.


Bir, a town of Asiatic Turkey, on the Euphrates, 80 miles NE. of Aleppo. Pop. 9000.


Birbhum, a district in the Bardwan division of Bengal, with an area of 1756 sq. m. It is one of the greatest copper-fields of the world, though practically untapped as yet.


Birchington, a Kentish coast village, 3 1/4 miles W. by S. of Margate. Pop. of parish, 2122.


Birkenfeld, a German principality belonging to Oldenburg (q.v.), but surrounded by the Prussian Rhine Province. Area, 194 sq. m.; population, 43,500. The capital, Birkenfeld, has a pop. of 2500.


Birket-el-Hadji ('lake of the pilgrims'), a small lake 10 miles NE. of Cairo, where the Mecca pilgrims assemble and separate.