Boom, a town of Belgium, 10 miles S. of Antwerp, with great brick and tile works, breweries, tanneries, rope-walks, sailcloth manufactures, salt-works, etc Pop. 16,239.


Boondee. See Bundi.


Boone, a city of Iowa, 43 miles NW. of Des Moines, in a coal-mining district, with flour-mills, potteries, and tile-works. Pop. 10,000.


Booneville, a city of Missouri, on the Missouri River, 40 miles NW. of Jefferson City. Pop. 5000.


Bootan. See Bhutan.

Boothia Felix

Boothia Felix, a peninsula on the north coast of North America, in which is the most northern part of the continent, Murchison Point, 73° 54' N. lat. It was discovered by Sir John Ross (1829-33), and named, like the neighbouring Boothia Isthmus and Boothia Gulf, after Sir Felix Booth (1775-1850), a London distiller, who had furnished 17,000 for the expedition. Here, on the western coast, near Cape Adelaide, Ross discovered the magnetic pole, 70° 5' 17" N. lat., and 96° 46' 45" W. long.


Bootle, a municipal (1868) and county borough of Lancashire, to the north of and adjoining Liverpool, which includes a large portion of the Mersey dock system. It has a municipal technical college (1900). Pop. (1861) 0500; (1881) 27,112; (1891) 49,217; (1901) 58,556.


Booton, or Bouton, an island off the coast of the south-eastern ray of Celebes. The people are Malays. The sultan, who resides at Bolio, is in allegiance to the Dutch. Area, 1700 miles; pop. 17,000.


Boppard (anc. Baudobriga), a town of Rhenish Prussia, on the left bank of the Rhine, 10 miles S. of Coblenz. Pop. 5894.


Bordelais (Bordelay'), the country round about Bordeaux, was a recognised division of Guienne.


Bordentown, a town of New Jersey, on the Delaware, 28 miles ENE. of Philadelphia. It has iron-foundries, machine-shops, shirt-factories, and shipyards. Pop. 4232.


Bor'eray, a Hebridean island, Inverness-shire, 1 sq. m. in area, 3 miles W. of North Uist Pop. 112.


Borgerhout, an Antwerp suburb, on the Schyn, has tapestry and tobacco factories, and dye and bleaching works. Pop. 36,388.


Borgo, a name given to a number of towns and villages in Italy and Southern Tyrol, and indicating the growth of the town or village around a castle or castellated rock, the original Borgo. Thus there are the Borgo, the north part of Rome, on the right bank of the Tiber; Borgo-Manero, an Italian town in the province of Novara, with 4821 inhabitants; Borgo San Don-nino, in the province of Parma, with 4493, etc.


Borgu, or Bussanga, a country in the basin of the middle Niger (right bank), of which the western (and larger) part is now French and the eastern is a province of (British) Northern Nigeria. At Boussa or Bussang (now British) on the Niger Mungo Park lost his life in 1805.


Borissov, a town in the Russian government of Minsk, on the Beresina, 418 miles WSW. of Moscow by rail. Pop. 14,235.