Bourget, Le (Boorzhay'), a village 6 1/4 miles NE. of Paris, during the siege in 1870 the scene of a series of bloody struggles disastrous to the French. - The Lac du Bourget, the largest wholly French lake, in Savoie dep., lies 780 feet above sea-level, and measures 7 1/2 by 3 miles.


Bourne, a town of Lincolnshire, 9 1/2 miles W. of Spalding. Lord Burghley, Dr Dodd, and Worth ' of Paris' were natives. Pop. 4500.


Bournemouth, a favourite Hampshire health resort, on Poole Bay, 37 miles SW. of Southampton, and 116 of London. It is included within the parliamentary borough of Christ-church, from which it is 4 miles distant, and in 1890 it was made a municipal borough. Its rise has been rapid; until 1838 it consisted of but a few fishermen's huts and a coastguard station. It is situated for the most part in the pine-clad valley of the Bourne Brook, the banks of which are laid out as public gardens. The sands extend for 3 miles. The climate is fine, the air soft without being relaxing, and the country around is beautiful. Two piers, one 800, the other 840 feet long, were erected in 1861 and 1879. Of several churches the finest is St Peter's (1864), with memorial windows to Keble, who died at Bournemouth: in its churchyard are the graves of Godwin, Mary Wollstouecraft, and Mary Shelley. Pop. (1861) 1940; (1871) 5906; (1881) 18,607; (1901) 47,100.


Bourneville, a Worcestershire suburb of Birmingham, built since 1879 as a garden city by Mr George Cadbury for the employees in his great cocoa-works, admirably equipped for family and social life. Pop. 4000.


Boussa, or Bussang, a walled town of (British) Northern Nigeria, off an island in the Niger, in 10° 20' N. lat. Mungo Park perished here in 1805. Pop. 10,000.


Bouvines (Boo-vean'), a village in the French dep. of Nord, 8 miles SE. of Lille, the scene of Philip Augustus's victory over Otho IV. in 1214, and of struggles in 1794 between the Austrians and the victorious French army of the north.


Bovino (Bovee'no), a cathedral city of South Italy, 20 m. SSW. of Foggia. Pop. 7388. The imperialists defeated the Spaniards here in 1734.

Bowdon Downs

Bowdon Downs. See Altrincham.


Bowling, a Dumbartonshire village, on the Clyde, 3 1/2 miles ESE. of Dumbarton. Pop. 1018.

Bowling Green

Bowling Green, a town of Kentucky, 114 miles S. by W. of Louisville by rail. Pop. 8803.


Bowmore, a seaport of Islay island, Argyllshire. Pop. 748.


Bowness, (1) a town of Westmorland, on the east side of Lake Windermere, 8 miles NW. of Kendal. Pop. 2662. - (2) A seaport of Cumberland, on the Solway Firth, 12 miles WNW. of Carlisle. Pop. of parish, 1322.

Box Hill

Box Hill. See Dorking.


Boxtel, a town of Holland, 38 miles S. by E. of Utrecht. An Anglo-Dutch army was here defeated by the French in 1794. Pop. 6703.

Box Tunnel

Box Tunnel, 3195 yards long, on the Great Western Railway, 5 miles NE. of Bath.