Maldona'do, a coast dep. in Uruguay; area, 1584 sq. m. ; pop. 27,000. - Also a fortified seaport in same department; pop. 2500.


Mallaig, a hamlet in the NW. corner of Morar, Inverness-shire, where Loch Nevis unites with the Sound of Sleat, the terminus of an extension from Fort William, opened in 1901, of the West Highland Railway.


Mailing, West, a market-town of Kent, 5 1/2 miles NW. of Maidstone. It has remains of a Benedictine nunnery (1090). Pop. of parish, 2320. See a work by C. H. Fielding (1893).


Mallow, a watering-place of Ireland, beautifully situated on the left bank of the Blackwater, 20 miles by rail N. by W. of Cork. Across the river is the suburb of Ballydaheen. The town is resorted to in summer on account of its tepid mineral waters, and contains a neat spa-house. Close by is the ivied ruin of the Desmonds' castle, destroyed in 1641, and the ISth-century Mallow Castle. Tanning and some small manufactures are carried on. Pop. (1851) 5436; (1901) 3016. Till 1885 Mallow returned one member.


Mallwyd (Mal'lud), a Merionethshire village, on the Dyfi, 2 miles SB. of Dinas Mowddwy. It is a great haunt of artists and fishermen.


Malmaison, a chateau on the Seine's left bank, 10 miles W. of Paris. It has memories of Richelieu, the Empress Josephine, and Maria Christina of Spain, and was restored by Napoleon III. in 1861.


Malmedy (Mal-may-dee'), a town of Rhenish Prussia, on the Warche, 51 miles S. by rail of Aix-la-Chapelle. Here in 1894 the German government established a fortified camp. Pop. 5078.


Malmo, the third largest town of Sweden, on the Sound, nearly opposite Copenhagen, 17 miles distant. Besides being a busy seaport, it has manufactures of cigars, sugar, beer, and woollens, and some shipbuilding. The exports include grain, flour, butter, eggs, cement, chalk, matches, live-stock, and timber; and the imports, coal, machinery, cotton, grain, textiles, coffee, etc. The old castle in which the Earl of Bothwell was confined is now used as a prison. The town-house is a fine Renaissance building of 1546. Pop. 70,000.


Malpas, a Cheshire market-town, 15 miles SSE. of Chester. Matthew Henry and Bishop Heber were natives. Pop. of parish, 1144.


Malplaquet (Malplakay'), a village in the French dep. of Nord, 10 miles S. of Mons in Belgium. Here, on 11th September 1709, Marlborough and Prince Eugene defeated the French under Marshal Villars.


Malstrom. See Maelstrom.


Malton, a town in the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire, on the Derwent, 22 miles NE. of York. It consists of New Malton, Norton, and Old Malton. The Derventio probably of the Romans, it has the Norman church of a Gilber-tine priory (1150), and a free grammar-school, founded in 1545 by Archbishop Holgate ; but no trace remains of a Norman castle. Iron and brass founding, tanning, brewing, etc. are carried on; and Norton is famous for its training stables. Till 1868 Malton returned two members, and then till 1885 one. Population of the urban district, under 5000.