Pigeons Au Basilic - Pigeons With Basil

Braze what Pigeons you please in a common Braze, the Legs being miffed inwards; make a Farce with Bread Crumbs soaked in Cream till it is quite thick, Beef Suet scalded, a little chopped Basil, Par-sley, green Shallots, Pepper and Salt, mixed with Yolks of Eggs: When the Pigeons are done, drain them, and let them cool, then wrap them all over with some of this Farce; bathe them in Eggs, sprinkle them with Bread Crumbs, and fry them of a good colour: Serve with fried Parsley. - You may also prepare this Dish with Pigeons which have been served already, with or without a Farce: Cut them in two, dip them in thick Batter and Bread Crumbs, and fry them as before: Serve with fried Parsley.

Pigeons En Hochepot A L'espagnole - Hotchpot Of Pigeons, Spanish Fashion

Truss two or three large Pigeons, and boil them in a small Soup-pot with Broth, all sorts of Roots scalded, as Carrots, Parsneps, Celery, one dozen of small Onions, a faggot of Parsley, Shallots, Thyme, one Laurel-leaf, whole Pepper and Salt; boil on a slow fire with little Liquor: When they are done, put the Pigeons into the middle of the Dish, take out the Faggot, and place the Roots round, well intermixed: Serve with a Spanish Sauce.

Pigeons are also served with any sorts of dewed Greens; and in this instance they are brazed by themselves, and served upon what Greens you please. -Observe, that they take their name from the Greens with which they are served, as, Pigeons a la Braze à la Cbioree, etc. that is, Pigeons brazed with Succory, etc.

Pigeons En Crépine Au Pontife - Pigeons In Cowl, Pontiff Sauce

They are done as all other directions to the same purpose, stuffed with a good Farce made of Sweetbreads, or Veal Kidney, Herbs, etc. brazed, and served with the above Sauce.

Pigeons Aux Ecrevisses - Pigeons With Craw- Fish Cullis

Boil the Tails of the Craw-fish whole in good Broth; you may also add a little Cream to the Craw-fish Cullis, and one or two Yolks of Eggs, to give more consistence: Dress four middling Pigeons, two being larded like Fricandeaux, and a couple of Sweet-breads cut in two, and two of the pieces larded also: Glaze the larded pieces; and to keep the others white, put a slice of Lemon and a slice of Lard upon each, while brazing: These may either be served with slowed Greens, or with the usual Sauce. - Pigeons and Parmesan are done after the same manner as all other Dishes under the same direction: Also au Gratin.--Observe, that as four Pigeons alone look rather naked in a First-course Dish, they should be garnished with Sweet-breads, Artichoke-bottoms, Forced-meat Balls, Chesnuts, Olives, or whole Craw-fish, well tailed, and brazed together.

Pigeons A La Bry, A L'italienne - Pigeons A La Bry, (the Inventor's Name) With Italian Sauce

Truss two or three large tame Pigeons as for roasting; make a Stuffing with the Livers, chopped with Parsley, Chibol, a trifle of Garlick, scraped Lard, Pepper and Salt, and mix it well with two Yolks of Eggs; lard the Pigeons with sprigs of green Parsley pretty thick, and, while roasting, baste them often with fresh Hog's Lard, to keep the Parsley green and crisp: Serve with Sauce a l'Italienne, which you will find in the Sauce Articles.