Poulets A La Liaison Aux Petits Oeufs ComposÚs

Chickens Liaison Sauce, and small Eggs shammed. Cut two Chickens into quarters, and braze them with slices of Lard, a glass of white Wine, a faggot of Parsley, green Shallots, a little Basil, one clove of Garlick, two Cloves, a bit of Butter, Flour, Salt, Pepper, a slice of Ham, and one or two spoonfuls of Cullis: When done, sift the Sauce, skim the Fat clean off, and add three Yolks of Eggs beat up with some of the Sauce. - While the Chickens are brazing make your sham Eggs after this manner: Soak Bread Crumbs in good Cullis, until it is quite thick; put it into a Mortar, with one clove of Shallots chopped very line, a spoonful of Beef Marrow melted, and four or five hard Yolks of Eggs; pound these together with Pepper and Salt, then add two raw Yolks of Eggs; mix it well all together, make it into little Balls, which roll in Flour, and put a moment into boiling Broth; then put them into the Sauce as prepared, and serve upon the Chickens.

Poulets A La Villageoise - Chickens Country Fashion

Cut out the Breast-bones of two Chickens, and truss them as for boiling; give them a fry in Butter, lard the Breasts with sprigs of Parsley, the Sides with Lard, and roast them, basting with Hog's Lard to keep the Parsley crisp: When they are done, have ready a well-tasted Ragout of Cucumbers, split the Breasts, and pour it into the Chickens: Serve under a good Cullis Sauce.

Poulets Au Gratin - Chickens In Gratin

Take roasted Chickens, such as have been at table, or others, cut them in pieces, and put them into a Stew-pan with a few spoonfuls of Cullis, half a glass of white Wine, a bit of Butter, chopped Par-sley, Shallots, Mushrooms, Pepper and Salt; simmer all together about a quarter of an hour; lay the Chickens in the Dish you intend for table, with half of the Sauce in the bottom, and Bread Crumbs or Crust Parings; simmer it until it catches; (which is the meaning of Gratin) when ready, add the remainder of the Sauce upon the Chickens.

Poulets En Burnout - Chickens Masqueraded

Cut two Chickens into quarters, and braze them with slices of Lard, a few slices of Lemon peeled, a little Consommee, Pepper, Salt, a Faggot, and two Cloves: Cut a large Eel into pretty long pieces, and split each in two, without quite separating them; take out the Bones, and lard the outside with fine Lard: Boil this in Veal Cullis; which, when done, reduce to a Glaze, to glaze the Eel with; lay the pieces of Chickens in the Table-dish, and a piece of Eel upon each: Serve with a Spanish Sauce, or any other, according to fancy and convenience.

Poulets A La Reine - Chickens, With Sauce Ó La Reine

Take roasted Chickens, which have served before; cut all the Flesh from the Breast, and cut out the Breast-bone; mince the Meat, and mix it with a Farce made of Bread Crumbs, Cream, Beef Suet, scraped Lard, chopped Parsley, Shallots, Pepper, Salt, Nutmeg, and four or five Yolks of Eggs; fill the Chickens with this, as if whole; smooth them with a knife dipt in Whites of Eggs, strew them over with Bread Crumbs, and bake them in the oven: Serve with a Sauce a la Reine.