Central Falls

Central Falls, a city of Providence county, Rhode Island, 4 1/2 miles N. of Providence, with extensive manufactures. Pop. (1900) 1S,1(37.

Central India

Central India, the official term for a group of feudatory Indian states which fall into nine political agencies, but are all under the supervision of the governor-general's agent. The region in which these states lie is to the north of the British ' Central Provinces' of India, and touches the North-west Provinces, Rajputana, Khandesh in the Bombay Province, and Chutia-Nagpur in Bengal. The area is 78,800 sq. m.; pop. 8,650,000. The nine subordinate agencies comprised in the Central India Agency are the Indore, Bhil or Bhopawar, Deputy Bhil, Western Malwa, Bhopal, Gwalior, Guna, Bundelkhand, and Baghelkhand agencies.


Ceos (modern Kea, Italianised as Zea or Tzia), one of the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea, 14 miles off the Attic coast. It is 13 miles long, 8 broad, and 39 sq. m. in area. The culminating point is Mount Elias, 1863 feet high. The population is 4311, of whom the great majority live in the capital, Zea or Ceos. In ancient times Ceos was noted as the birthplace of the poets Simonides and Bacchylides, and the physician Erasistratus.


Cephalonia (Homeric Same or Samos), the largest of the seven Ionian Islands (q.v.), lies opposite the entrance of the Gulf of Lepanto or Corinth. It is irregular in shape, with a length of 30 miles, and an area of 302 sq. m. Pop. 83,543. The surface is mountainous, attaining 5310 feet; the soil for the most part thin, and water scarce. The capital is Argostoli (q.v.).


Cephissus, one of the two rivers which water the Athenian plain.


Ceram' (Serang), the largest of the southern Moluccas (q.v.), lies NE. of Amboyna, to Which Dutch residency it belongs, and is divided into Great and Little Ceram by the Isthmus of Taruno. Area, 6605 sq. m.; pop. 105,000. A mountain-chain reaches in Nusa Keli 11,000 feet.


Cerignola (Chereen'yola), a town of Italy, 22 miles SE. of Foggia by rail. The Spanish victory over the French here in 1503 established Spain's supremacy in Naples. Pop. 34,200.


Cerigo (Cher'ee-go), the southernmost of the seven Ionian Islands (q.v.), now officially known again by its old Greek name of Cythera, is separated from the Morea by a narrow strait. Area, 107 sq. m.; pop. 14,259. Capsali is the capital. In ancient times the island was sacred to Venus.

Cerne Abbas

Cerne Abbas, a market-town of Dorset, on the Cerne, 7 miles N. of Dorchester. Pop. 834.


Cerreto (Cher-ray'to), a cathedral city of south Italy, 14 miles NNW. of Benevento. Pop. 5129.

Cerro de Pasco

Cerro de Pasco (Serro), the capital of the Peruvian dep. of Junin, stands at an elevation of 14,276 feet, 138 miles NE. of Lima. Near it are rich silver-mines. Pop. 15,000.

Cerro Gordo

Cerro Gordo, a plateau in Mexico, the most easterly on the route from Vera Cruz to the capital. Here, on 18th April 1847, the Americans totally defeated the Mexicans.