Ba'denoch, a Highland district in the southeast part of Inverness-shire, 45 miles long by 19 broad, bounded by Lochaber, Athole, Braemar, and Moray, and traversed by the Spey.


Badenweiler, a Black Forest watering-place in the SW. corner of Baden, 20 miles NNE. of Basel; frequented yearly by some 5000 visitors.


Badghis, a region north of Herat, comprising the country between the Murghab and the Hari-rud rivers, as far northward as the edge of the desert. It lies just to the south of the boundary line between Afghanistan and the Russian territories, as defined in 1887.


Badminton, the seat of the Duke of Beaufort, in the south of Gloucestershire, 7 miles E. of Yate Junction. It is a stately Palladian edifice of 1682, with a fine park.


Badrinath, a peak of the main Himalayan range, Garhwal district, North-western Provinces, India, 22,901 feet above the sea. A shrine of Vishnu stands on one of its shoulders at a height of 10,400 feet, 56 miles NE. of Srinagar.


Baena, a Spanish town 25 miles BSE. of Cordova. Pop. 14,801.


Baeza, a town of Spain, In the province of Jaen, 9 miles from Baeza station, this being 160 S. of Madrid. The Roman Beatia, and the seat of Moorish califs, with 150,000 inhabitants, it never fairly recovered from its sack by the Castilians in 1228. Here are a quondam university (1533) and the oratory of St Philip de Neri. Pop. 15,430.

Baffin Bay

Baffin Bay, a gulf, or rather sea, on the NE. coast of North America, extending between Greenland and the great islands NE. of Hudson Bay (one of which is called Baffin Island), in 69° to 78° N. lat. It is about 800 miles long, with an average breadth of 280. The shores are lofty and precipitous, backed by snow-clad mountains. Baffin Bay communicates with the Atlantic by Davis Strait; and with the Arctic Ocean by Smith and Lancaster Sounds. Discovered in 1562, it was first explored in 1615 by William Baffin, pilot of Bylot's expedition.


Bagamoyo, a village on the coast of German East Africa, opposite the island of Zanzibar, a frequent starting point of expeditions to the interior.


Bagenalstown, a market-town on the Barrow, in the county, and 10 miles S. of the town of Carlow. Pop. 1900.


Baghal, or Bhagul, a Punjab hill-state in North-west India, on the south bank of the Sutlej. Area, 124 sq. m.; pop. 24,633.


Baghelkhand, the name of five native states, under the political superintendence of the governor-general's agent for Central India, lying to the south of the districts of Mirzapur and Allahabad. The total area is 11,324 sq. m.; pop. 1,562,595.


Bagheria, or Bagaria, a town of Sicily, 8 miles E. by S. of Palermo by rail. Pop. 12,650.


Baghistan. See Behistun.


Bagirmi, or Baghermi, a country in Central Africa, bounded on the W. by Bornu and a portion of Lake Tsad. Its area is estimated at nearly 71,000 sq. m.; its pop. at 1,500,000. The capital is Masena.