Islington (Iz'ling-ton), (1) one of the metropolitan boroughs of the county of London. Pop. (1861) 155,341; (1901) 334,906. It has numerous religious, educational, and benevolent institutions. The Agricultural Hall (1861), where the great national cattle and horse shows are held, is capable of holding 50,000 people. In 1885 Islington was made a parliamentary borough. It returns four members. - (2) A former parish of Norfolk, 4 miles SW. of Lynn. It is the Islington probably of ' The Bailiffs Daughter.'


Ismail, a town and river-port in the Russian government of Bessarabia, stands on the north bank of the Kilia branch of the Danube, 48 miles from its mouth. Formerly a Turkish fortress, it was taken and destroyed by Suwaroff in 1790; came to Russia in 1812 ; was assigned to Moldavia (1856), its fortifications being razed; and was transferred to Russia again in 1878. Pop., with the adjoining Tutchkoff, 33,084.


Ismailia (Iz-mi-lee'a; named after the Khedive Ismail), a small town on Lake Timsah, through which the Suez Canal passes. It stands on the railway from Cairo to Suez and on the Sweetwater Canal. During the construction of the Suez Canal it was the headquarters of the work, having been founded in 1863, but it is now a place of less than 4000 inhabitants.


Isn'ik. See NicAea.

Isola Bella

I'sola Bella. See Borromean Islands.

Isola Grossa

Isola Grossa, or Isola Lunga (Great or Long Island), an Austrian island, 27 miles by 3, parallel to Dalmatian coast, off Zara. Pop. 3000.


Issik-kul (Kirghiz, 'warm water'), a salt-lake in central Asia, in the Russian province of Semir-schensk, between the Terskei Ala-tau range on the south and the Kungei Ala-tau on the north. Lying 5000 feet above sea-level, it is 112 miles long, 38 miles broad, and 1980 sq. m. in area. Although it receives forty rivers, its surface falls permanently 8 or 9 inches a year.


Issoire (Is-swahr; anc. Issiodorum), a town in the French dep. of Puy-de-D6me, near the confluence of the Couze and Allier, 21 miles by rail SE. of Clermont-Ferrand. Pop. 5560.


Issoudun, a town in the French dep. of Indre, 72 miles S. of Orleans by rail. It manufactures parchment, cloth, agricultural instruments, etc. Pop. 13,000.


Issus, an ancient seaport on a gulf of the same name in Cilicia, Asia Minor. Here Alexander the Great routed Darius (333 B.C.).


Issy, a village in the French dep. of Seine, 1/2 mile SW. from Paris. Pop. 12,830. Here on 3d July 1815 Blucher defeated Davout. During the siege of Paris (1870-71) by the Germans, the fort of Issy suffered severely from bombardment.


Istakhr, or Stakhr, an ancient city of Persia, built near Persepolis (q.v.).


Istambol. See Constantinople.


Istrla, an Austrian margraviate, forming a mountainous peninsula in the north-east corner of the Adriatic, between the Gulf of Trieste and the Gulf of Fiume or Quarnero. Area, with the adjacent islands, 1812 sq. m. ; pop. 344,200., Capital, Rovigno.