Hotel Emery. Dinner

Sunday, March 1st, 1885.

Soup. Bisque of Oysters Consomme Royal.


Filet of Sole a l'Orly.

Parisienne Potatoes.

Chow Chow Ol/ves.


Ham and Cabbage Turkey, Oyster sauce.


Ribs of Beef.

Young Turkey stuffed, Cranberry Jelly.


Sweetbreads braized aux petits Pois.

_ Deviled Crabs, Baltimore style Filet Mignon saute, sauce Madeira cardinal punch.


Prairie Chicken en Salmi, sauce Mushrooms.


Fresh Lettuce Chicken Mayonnaise.


Mashed Potatoes Boiled Potatoes Stewed Tomatoes Green Peas Stuffed Cabbage Asparagus, Cream sauce.


Mince Pie Peach Meringue Pie Pumpkin Pie Queen Pudding, wine Cream sauce Apple Dumplings, Family style.

Sago Pudding with Cream sauce.


Vanilla Ice Cream Charlotte Russe.

Champagne Wine Jelly.

Assorted Fancy Cake.

Fruits Cheese Crackers.


10. There should be two soups, but not of the same character; one should be clear, the other thick.

11. The dishes regularly in a bill of fare should be sufficient in number to give opportunities to use up small quantities of provisions and remnants of good things and to tax the Ingenuity of the cooks, but beyond that there should be no lavishness.

12. Many of the additions to our food known as relishes are real luxuries, and should be named in the bill in a line by themselves without a heading.