The new form of bill under consideration appears to be a compromise for all parties. A compromise used to be thought a good thing in the time of the great Henry Clay, and a compromise at one time was thought to be all that was needed to avert the war of secession; this compromise bill of Mr. Fulwell's by a parity of reasoning ought certainly to be effective in keeping the peace between the early and late dinner factions, even in a growing commercial city like Memphis. "Back numbers" of these bills (for the system has been in satisfactory operation for several months) show variations in the plan of this expert, whose efforts to rise above the common* place are worthy of re-cognition especially in this land where gastronomical education is at present at a low stage and teachers are few. One sample more is inserted here with very good will towards the author:


Tuesday, September 6, 1887.

Rolled Oats Porridge.


Fried Stewed.


Pig's Feet Liver, with Breakfast Bacon.


Croquettes of Veal, French Peas.


Braised Beef, with Vegetables Boiled Salt Mackerel Welsh Rare-Bit.


Roast Beef Roast Veal Chipped Beef.

Roast Chicken Corned Beef.

Italian Salad Sardines in Mustard.


Baked Saratoga Chips Provencale.

Bread, Etc

French, Graham, Vienna, Cream and Plain Bread.

Vienna Saltz Kipfel Rolls Cream Scones.

Toast Flemish Gridle Cakes.


Maple White Rock.

New Orleans Molasses.

Coffee Chocalate Tea Milk.

French Prunes and Assorted Cakes.

Porridge Dishes Available For Supper And Breakfast

Cornmeal Mush. Shredded Maize Porridge. Rolled Oat Porridge. Cracked Wheat Porridge. Rolled Avena Porridge. Cracked Wheat with Cream. Cerealine Porridge. Farina Mush and Milk. Home-made Hominy. Wheaten Grits. Pearl Grits. Stewed Wheat. Steamed Rice. Apple Tapioca and Cream. Cracked Wheat with Milk. Oatmeal with Milk. Oatmeal Porridge. Mush with Milk. Graham Mush. Oatmeal with Cream. Graham Farina Porridge. Hominy Grits and Cream. Rice Grits and Milk. Wheat Flakes with Cream. Large Hominy and Milk. English Furmety. Cream Sago. Manioca Porridge.

[A condensed description of the composition of every dish in these lists, -which is not sufficiently apparent by its name, -will be found in the Dictionary of Dishes, soon to follow].