Broiled and Fried Fish of all Kinds.

Cutlets of Black Bass, Genoise Sauce.

Salmon Steak, Sicilian Sauce.

Fillets of Whitefish, Remoulade Sauce.

Fondue of Fish.

Scalloped Fish.

Panned Perch with Bacon.

Canned Salmon.

Smoked Bluefish, Boiled.

Spanish Mackerel, a la Maitre d'Hotel.

Codfish Balls.

Codfish Cakes.

Picked-up Fish in Cream.

Mackerel in Tomato Sauce.

Sardines in Mustard.

Sardines, Truffes.

Barbecued Recifish.

Baltimore Roe Herring.

Salt Codfish in Cream.

Codfish Steak.

Codfish Hash.

Broiled Salt Mackerel.

Redfish Courtbouillon.

Oregon Salmon.

Mullet Roes, Fried.

Smoked Salmon.

Smoked Halibut.

Smoked Haddock.

Boiled Salt Mackerel.

Smoked Herring.

Trout Cuurtbouillon.

Salmon with Parsley and Butter.

Fillets of Soles, a la Maitre d'Hotel.

Baked Mullet, Fine Herbs.

Baked Whitefish.

Broiled Florida Trout.

Broiled Pompano.

Codfish Tongues on Toast.

Fresh Shrimps.

Potted Shrimps.

Buttered Shrimps.

Curried Shrimps.

Curried Lobster.

Anchovy Cakes.

Shrimp Omelette.

Potted Lobster on Toast.

Sardines and Watercxj.

Scalloped Codfish.

Smoked Finnan Haddock.

Fried Slices of Cod.

Anchovy Toast.

Hot Boiled Crab.

Sardines on Toast.

Shrimp Pie.

Shrimp Pattes.

Broiled English Bloaters.

Curried Oysters.

Fish Quenelles.

Fish Croquettes.

Lobster Cutlets.

Fresh Fish in Cream.

Fish Flakes, a la Bechamel.

Boiled Codfish Palates. Curried Sardines. Bloaters in Batter. Shrimps and Boiled Rice. Scalloped Lobster. Fresh Herrings Stuff' d. Broiled Kippered Salmon. Salmon and Macaroni. Stewed Mackerel. Lobster Rissoles. Herring Roe and Mushrooms. Lobster Creams. Dressed Crab. Anchovy Toast with Egg. Sardines en Calsse. Lobster a la Creme. Canapes of Sardines. Scalloped Shrimps. Sardine Sandwiches. Shrimp Canapes.

[Other fish dishes with description of all can be found in the Dictionary of Dishes further on].

Oyster Entrees Available For Supper And Breakfast

Fried Oysters. Stewed Oysters. Oysters with Macaroni Oysters in Small Loaves. Oyster Toast Steamed Oysters. Oyster Patties. Vol an Vents of Oysters. Oysters in Croustades. Scalloped Oysters. Oysters a l'Indienne. Oyster Kromeskies Oysters a la Brochette. Oysier Omelets. Oysters en Caisse. Broiled Oysters. Oyster Rissoles. Oyster, Fritters. Oysters in Wafer Shrlls. Oysters Broiled in Bacon. Oyster Chowder. Oysters Fried in Batter.

Clams in same ways as oysters. Scallops in same ways as oysters.

Egg Entrees Available For Supper And Breakfast

Eggs in about one hundred ways are available, for which see the dictionary of dishes further on.

It is unnecessary to follow further with such lists, as all the forms of meat entrees and ways of cooking potatoes are already familiar to those who prepare the dinner bills of fare. The foregoing lists are intended to help those who have to make new breakfast and supper bills daily, which is comparatively new business.