For a hotel In a large and growing city, where bankers and merchants who would like dinner to be In the evening if it were convenient, are numerous among the guests, and where the trains bring many passengers; also at those resorts where many people of fashion contend in favor of the late dinner, the happiest combination of a supper with some dinner dishes added is this in practice at the hotel named below. It Is the conception of the accomplished steward of that house, Mr. George Fulwell, who is a specialist in bills of fare, taking as much pleasure in the development of ideas In that particular line as some men do in producing a new variety of fruit and others do in carrying off the honors at the exhibitions; but he has paid attention to this branch and knows how to put his practical knowledge of the steward's business to account in suiting the tastes and convenience of all the patrons of the hotel alike.

Peabody Hotel, Memphis, Tenn. Supper

Cerealine Porridge.


Broiled Veal Chops.

Stewed Turkey Giblets, with Peas Ragout of Mutton, with Tomatoes.

Blanquette of Rabbit, Milanaise.

Fried Codfish Balli.


Roast Beef Roast Duck.

Venison Salad.


Shirred Boiled Scrambled.

Omelets, with fine herbs.


Baked Saratoga Chips.

German Fried.

Bread, Etc

French Cream Graham Plair.

Vienna Rolls Tea Biscuits Toast.

Rye Griddle Cakes.


Maple White Rock.

New Orleans Molasses.

Coffee Tea Milk.

Presenred Cranberries and Assorted Caket.

Hours For Meals

Breakfast, 7-11. Dinner, 1-4. SuppeT, 6-0.


Breakfast, 7.30-11. Dinner, 1.30-4. Supper, 6-0.

Children And Nurses

Breakfast, 7. Dinner, 1. Supper, 6.

Tuesday, January 3, 188S.


Oat Meal Porridge.


Stewed Fried.


Broiled Pig's Feet.

Fried Veal Cutlets, Robert Sauce.

Stewed Kidneys, Madeira Sauce.

Braised Beef, with Mushroomf.


Venison Pork.

Mutton Salmon Salad.


Baked Hollandaise.

Saratoga Chips.

Bread, Etc

French Graham Cream Plain.

Finger Rolls Currant Coiled Buns.

Toast Flannel Griddle Cakes.


Maple White Rock New Orleans Molasses.

Coffee Tea Milk.

Canned California Cherries and Assorted Cakes Wednesday, January 4, 1888.

Two of these bills of succeeding dates are printed to show where the changes come in. It will be observed that this is far in advance of the regular stock bill of fare, in being a fresh composition printed daily and changed in nearly every particular, yet without depriving the guests of their accustomed favorite dishes; the hotel does not abandon the mid-day dinner which the greater number of people like best, but changes the make-up of the supper without adding to the number of dishes so that they can dine at night who wish to do so. There is no beefsteak, therefore fewer loins of beef to cut up; and no soup to be re-christened from a mid-day lunch, but there are eggs one evening and oysters the next; the potatoes, breads, cold meats and supper fruit are all changed about, just enough to give freshness and variety without depriving any person of the regular diet of rolls, baked potatoes or batter cakes. In those hotels where the dinner hour is changed to evening the greatest discontent is occasioned by the disappearance from the menu of hot rolls and biscuits, fried pota-oes and batter cakes, and, be the dinner never so plentiful, nothing that can be offered can quite make up the loss to those who have been in the habit of eating and enjoying those popular articles of diet for supper all their life.