Il-wort. See Whitlow-Grass the Common.

Impatient. See Balsamine.

Imposthume. See Abscess.

Inclosures See Commons, Fence, And Hedge.

Incubus. See Night-Mare.

Indian Berry. See Cocculus Indicus.

Indian Corn. See Maize.

Interment. See BuRiAL; and Apparent Death, vol. ii. p. 125.

Intermittent Fever. See Ague.

Ischury. See Urine.

Ivory-black.-See vol. i. p. 278.

Kex. See Hemlock, the Com-mon.

Kidney-beans. See vol. i. p. 205.

King's Claver. See Common Melilot.

King's Spear. See Asphodel.

Kipper - nut. See Earth-nut.

Knapweed. See Common Blue-Bottle.

Knee-grass. See Rough Panick-Grass.

Knolles. See TuRNiP.

Knot-berries. See Cloud

Labyrinth. See Maze.

Ladies' Bed - straw. See Cheese - rennet, and Goose-grass.

Ladies'-Finger. See Kidney-Vetch.

Ladies'-hair. See Quaking-grass.

Ladies'-seal. See Black Bryony.

Lake - weed. See Water-pepper.

Lamb's-lettuce. See Corn-Salad.

Lamb's-ouarters. See Wild Orache.

Lameness, in Horses. See Halting. .

Lang-de-bceuf. See Oxtongue.

Lassitude. See DebiLity.

Lattin, or Latten. See Block Tin.

Laudanum. See Opium.

Leguminous Vegetables. See Pulse.

Lettuce, the Hair. See Common Sow-Thistle.

Life-Annuities. See Annuity.

Lignum VitAe. See Guaiacurn.

Ling. See Heath.

Lion's-Tail. See Motherwort.

Liquorice-Vetch. See MILK-VETCH.

Live-for-ever. See Cud-Weed.

Lixive. See Pot-ash.


Loadstone. See Magnet.

Lob-grass. See Brome-Grass, the Soft.

Locked Jaw. See Jaw.

Lopping. See Pruning.

Lords-and-Ladies. See WAKBROBIN.

Lotion. See Washing; and Cosmetics.

Louse-berry. See Spindle-tree.

Lumbago. See Rheumatism.

Lunacy. See Madness.

Lyme-Grass. See LIME-GRASS.

Mad Dog. See Bite of a Mad Dog.

Madsep. See Cow-parsnip.

Magnifying Glass. See Microscope.

Mallow the Marsh. See Marsh-Mallow.

Malt-spirits. See Spirits.

Manners. See Good Breeding; vol. i. p. 338.

Maranta. See Arrow-root.

Marine Acid. See Spirit of Salt.

Marl-Glass. See Cloves, the Common.

Marram See Sea-Matweed.

Marsh-Cleaver. See Trefoil

Marsh-Trefoil. See Trefoil BucKBean.

Marygold the Corn. See Great White Ox-eye.

Matgrass. See Matweed.

Mathen. See Fetid Chamomile.

Matrimony. See Marriage.

Mauls. See Mallow.

May-lily. See Lily-Of-The-Valley.

May. See Hawthorn.

Mayweed. See Fetid Chamomile.

Mazzards. See Common Wild Cherry-tree.

Meal. See Flour.

Meals. See Dinner.

Mealy-tree. See Guelder-Rose.

Melasses. See Molasses.

Mercury (Dog's). See Dog's Mercury.

Mercury, the Common English. See Perennial Goosefoot.

Metheglin. See Mead.

Mithridate. See Venice Tiracle

Milfoil. See Common Yarrow.

Milkwort, the Sea. See Black Saltwort.

Minium. See RedLEAD, p. 76.

Mirror. See Looking-glass.

Miser. See Avarice.

Mist. See Fog.

MoRNiNG. See Day.

Mole-plough. See Draining, vol. ii. p. 159.

Monarda. See Spice.

Mother-Of-Pearl. See Muscle, the Pearl bearing.

Mucus. See Nostries

Myrtle, the Dutch. See ; Gale the Sweet.

Naphtha. See Bitumen's.

Navew. See Rape, or Coleseed Cabbage, vol. i. p. 417.

Nealing. See Annealing.

Nicking. See Horse, vol. ii. p. 484.

Nits (in Horses). See Staves-acre.

Nonsuch. See Trefoil Medick.

Nutrition. See Nourishment ; and Food of Plants, vol. ii. p. 320.

Nymph (in Botany) See Chrysalis.

OLivE the Spurge. See Me-ZeREon.

Oesophagus. See Gullet.

Old-age. See Longevity.

Ophthalmy. See Inflammation of the Eye, p. 11, of this volume.

Ottar of Roses. See Roses.

Ounce. See Weight.

Owler. See Alder.

Ox-eye Chamomile. See vol. i. p.491.

Ox-heel. See Hellebore, the Fetid.

Paddock-pipe. See Horsetail, the Marsh, vol. ii. p. 493.

Paddow-pipe. See Make's-tail, the Common.

Pagil, or Paigles. See Cowslip, the Common.

Paintings. See Pictures.

Parish-Mill. See Mill.

Parmesan-Cheese. See vol. i. p. 500.

Pasque-Flower. See vol. i p. 48.

Pencils. See Black-Lead; p. 78, of the present volume.

Penny-Cress. See Mithridate-Mustard.

Penny-grass.—See Yellow RATTLE.

Perry. See Pear-Tree, p. 357.

Petroleum. See Bitumens.

Petti-gree, the Prickly. See -Knee-holly.

Petty-muguet. See Cheese-rennet.

Petty-whin. See Rest-Harrow, the Thorny.

Pewter-wort. See Horsetail, the Rough.

Phrenzy. See Inflammation of the Brain.

Phthisis. See Pulmonary Consumption.

Physic See Medicine.

Pig-Nut. See Earth-Nut.

Pig. See Hoc.

Pilcorn. See Oat, the Naked.

Pills. See Oat, the Naked.

Pimento. See Allspice.

Pipperidge-bush. See Berberries.

Pismire. See Ant. Pisasphaltum. See vol. ii. p. 328.

Pit-coal. See Coal.

Plate. See Silver.

Ploughman's-Spikenard. See Flea-Bane.

Polyanthus. See Primrose.

Poor-man's Pepper. See Pep-perwort.

Pound. See Weight.

Prick-timber. See Spindle-tree.

Prick-wood. See Wild Cornel-tree.

Prim. See Privet.

Provisions. See Food ; Flesh-meat; and Vegetables.

Prunes. See p. 413. Article Plum-tree.

Purging of Horses. See Horse Medicines, vol. ii. p. 489.

Quarantine. See Lazaretto.

Queen-Of-The-Meadows. See Meadow-Sweet.

Quick-Lime. See Lime.

Quick-in-hand. See Balsam ine.

Quickset. See Hawthorn ; Fence; and Hedge.

Quicksilver. See Mercury.

Quitch-grass. See Dog's-grass.

Rack. See Arrack.

Rags. See Manure, p. 12g of this volume.

Rampion Bell-flower. See vol. ii. p. 248.

Ramsons. See Gaelic, the Broad-leaved.

Rash - berries. See Great Bilberry.

Ray-grass. See Darnel, the Red.

Re-animation: See Animation, Cold, etc.

Red MOROCCO : See Phea-sant's-eye.

Red-Lead: See Lead ; p. 76.

Red-rot : See Sundew, the Round-leaved.

Red-water: See Lamb ; p. 59.

Reed, the Mace: See Cat's-Tail.

Refining: See Distilling.

Regimen, of Invalids : See Debility.

Resolvents : See Attenuants.

Respiration: See Breathing.

Rib-Grass. See Ribwort Plan-tain,

Roan-tree. See Quicken Tree.

Roasting. See Cooking.

Rob. See Elder ; vol. ii. p.

Rock-salt. See Salt.

Roein-Red-Breast. See Redbreast.

Roof. See Building; vol. i.p. 385;—Country-house; Reed; Tiles, etc.

Root of Scarcity. See Man-Gel-Wurzel.

The Horse Radish, . See Horse-Radish.