Castellamare (Kas-tel-la-mah'reh), (1) a seaport of Italy, 17 1/2 miles SE. of Naples by rail; near ancient StabiAe, where the elder Pliny lost his life when the city was overwhelmed with lava from Vesuvius (79 a.d.). The Castello that gave it name was built by the Emperor Frederick II. in the 13th century. Castellamare has a cathedral, an arsenal, and manufactures of macaroni, cotton, sailcloth, etc. Pop. 34,207. - (2) A town of Sicily, at the head of a gulf of the same name, 41 miles WSW. of Palermo. Pop. 15,303.


Castellana (Kastellah'na), a town of south Italy, 26 miles SE. of Bari. Pop. 8092.


Castellane'ta (e as ay), a cathedral city of south Italy, 24 m. NW. of Taranto by rail. Pop. 10,200.

Castello Branco

Castello Branco, a town of Portugal, 115 miles NE. of Lisbon. Pop. 9464.

Castello de Vide

Castello de Vide, a town of Portugal, 139 miles ENE. of Lisbon by rail. Pop. 5263.

Castellon de la Plana

Castellon' de la Plana, a town of Spain, 5 miles from the Mediterranean, and 43 miles NNE. of Valencia by rail, manufactures linen, woollen, sailcloth, brandy, etc. Pop. 31,337.


Castelnau'dary (au as o), a town in the French dep. of Aude, on the Canal du Midi, 34 m. SE. of Toulouse by rail. The Sostomagus of the Romans, and Castrum Novum Arianorum (hence the modern name) of the Visigoths, Castelnaudary suffered dreadfully in the crusade against the Albigenses, and in 1355 it was captured by the Black Prince. It has silk and woollen manufactures. Pop. 8598.

Castel Sarrasin

Castel Sarrasin (Sarazang'), a town in the French dep. of Tarn-et-Garonne, 12 miles W. of Montauban. Pop. 4155.

Casteltermini(Kasteller'minee), a town of Sicily, 20 miles N. of Girgenti by rail. Pop. 9209.


Castelvetrano (Kastelvetrah-no), a town of Sicily, 46 m. SE. of Trapani by rail. Pop. 24,500.


Castiglione (Kas-teel-yo'nay), a town of Sicily, on the north slope of Mount Etna, 35 miles SW. of Messina. Pop. 8114. - Castiglione delle Stiviere is 22 miles NW. of Mantua. Here the French defeated the Austrians in 1796. Pop. 6123.


Castillon (Kas-tee-yong'), a town (pop. 3670) in the French dep. of Gironde, on the right bank of the Dordogne, 33 miles E. of Bordeaux by rail. Beneath its walls, on 17th July 1453, the English were defeated, their leader, John Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, being slain.


Castle-Acre, a Norfolk parish, 4 miles N. of Swaftham, with a ruined castle and priory founded by the Earl of Warrenne (1085).


Castlebar', the capital of County Mayo, on the Castlebar River, 152 miles NW. of Dublin by rail. Pop. 3588.


Castleblayney, a Monaghan market-town, 73 miles NW. of Dublin. Pop. 1576.

Castle Campbell

Castle Campbell. See Dollar.


Castlecary, (1) a market-town of Somerset, 12 1/2 miles NNE. of Yeovil. Pop. of parish, 2096. - (2) A railway station, and old castle, 6 1/2 miles SW. of Falkirk, Stirlingshire, near the site of one of the principal stations of Antoninus' Wall.