Coseley, a south-eastern suburb of Wolver-hampton.


Cosenza (Co-sentz'a; anc. Consentia), a cathedral city of Italy, 12 miles B. of the Mediterranean, and 262 SE. of Naples by rail, in a mountain-closed valley at the confluence of the Crati and the Busento. Pop. 26,686. Alaric died here 410 a.d.


Cosne (Kone), a town, with iron manufactures, in the French dep. of Nievre, on the right bank of the Loire, 122 miles SSE. of Paris. Pop. 8260.


Cossimbazar' (Kasimbdzdr), near Murshidabad, was in the 17th century the chief English agency in Bengal.


Costanza. See Kustendji.


Cote-d'Or, a dep. in the east of France, formed of part of the old province of Burgundy. Area, 3383 sq. m.; pop. (1901) 361,626. It contains four arrondissements: Beaune, Chatillon-eur-Seine, Dijon (the capital), and Semur.


Cotentin, The (Co-tongtang'), the peninsula projecting into the English Channel between the Bay of St Michel and the Gulf of Carentan, now the northern part of the dep. of La Manche. It is 55 miles long and 25 broad. The chief town is Cherbourg; the old capital is Coutances.


C6tes-du-Nord ('northern coasts'), a French Breton dep., washed by the English Channel. Area, 2659 sq. m.; pop. (1901) 609,350. It is divided into the five arrondissements of St Brieuc, Dinan, Loudeac, Lannion, and Guin-gamp. The chief town is St Brieuc.


Coteswold, or Cotswold, Hills, a range running over 50 miles through Gloucestershire, from Chipping Campden in the NE., by Cheltenham and Stroud, to near Bath in the SW. It has an average height of 500 or 600 feet, and separates the Lower Severn from the Thames's sources. The highest point is Cleeve Hill, 1134 feet.


Cothele, the ancient seat of the Earl of Mount Edgeumbe, in Cornwall, on the Tamar, 6 3/4 miles N. of Saltash. Cothen. See Kothen.


Cotonou, a small French settlement on the Guinea coast, formerly in Dahomey.


Cotopaxi, the loftiest active volcano in the world (19,550 feet), is in Ecuador, in the eastern chain of the Andes, and 50 miles S. of the equator. The upper part of Cotopaxi, a perfect cone of 4400 feet, is entirely covered with snow, save that the verge of the crater is a bare parapet of rock. The first eruption recorded was in 1533. Others followed in 1698, 1743, 1744, and 1768, the most terrible of all. Cotopaxi was quiet till 1851. In 1854-56,1877, and 1880 there were again eruptions. See Whymper's Travels among the Ande3 (1892).


Cotrone, a fortified coast-town of Italy, 35 miles NE. of Catanzaro by rail. Pop. 9649.


Cotswolds. See Coteswolds.


Cottbus, or Kottbus, a town in the Prussian province of Brandenburg, on the Spree, 71 miles SE. of Berlin by rail. It manufactures woollen cloth, carpets, hats, linen, jute, leather, and tobacco. Pop. 40,000.


Cottingham, a town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, 4 miles NW. of Hull. Pop. 3780.