Oberland. See Bern.


Obi, or Ob, the great river of Western Siberia, rises in two branches, the Biya and the Katun, in the Altai Mountains, within the Chinese frontier, and flows 2120 miles NW. and N. to the great Gulf of Obi In the Arctic Ocean. Its chief tributaries are the Irtish, Tcharysh, Tom, and Tchulym, all navigable. It has been proved to be accessible for some time yearly to sea-borne trade with Europe round the North Cape.


Obock, a French possession on the African coast of the Red Sea, inside Bab-el-Mandeb, and opposite Perim, including the protectorates of Tajurra and Koubbet. Area, 2300 sq. m.; pop. 24,600. In 1894 the capital was fixed at Djiboutil.

Ocean Grove

Ocean Grove, a Methodist Episcopal seaside resort and pleasure retreat, on the New Jersey coast, established by a church society in 1870, is 6 miles by rail S. of Long Branch, and 54 from New York. Bathing, riding, and driving are as stringently forbidden on Sundays as are theatricals, smoking, or drinking at all times; and the 25,000 summer visitors spend much of their time in religious services in an Auditorium built to hold 5000 persons.


Oceania, a name sometimes given to the fifth division of the globe, comprising all the islands which intervene between the south-eastern shores of the continent of Asia and the western shores of America. It naturally divides itself into three great sections - the Malay Archipelago, Australasia or Melanesia, and Polynesia (q.v.).

Ochil Hills

Ochil Hills (Oa'hil), a pastoral range occupying parts of the Scottish counties of Clackmannan and Fife, and extending 24 miles from the vicinity of Stirling north-east to the Firth of Tay. Chief summits are Bencleugh (2363 feet), Dunmyat (1375), and King's Seat (2111). See Beveridge's Between the Ochils and the Forth (1888).


Ochiltree (Oa'hil-tree), an Ayrshire village, on Lugar Water, 11 1//2 miles E. of Ayr. Pop. 599.


Ocmulgee. See Georgia.


Oconto, capital of Oconto county, Wisconsin, on Green Bay, at the mouth of the Oconto River, 149 miles by rail N. of Milwaukee. It has large steam saw-mills. Pop. 6219.


Odense (O'den-seh; 'Odin's island'), the chief town of the Danish island of Funen (q.v.). Its cathedral was founded in 1086. Pop. (1880) 20,804; (1900)40,138.


Odenwald, a mountainous system partly in Baden and Bavaria, but mainly in Hesse (q.v.).


Oder (Slavon. Vjodr), one of the principal rivers of Germany, rises in the Oderberg on the tableland of Moravia, 1950 feet above sea-level, and flows 550 miles NW. and N. through Prussian Silesia, Brandenburg, and Pomerania, to the Stettiner Haff, whence it passes into the Baltic by the triple arms of the Dievenow, Peene, and Swine, which enclose the islands of Woollin and Usedom. The rapidity of the current and the silting at the embouchures of the numerous tributaries render the navigation difficult. Canals connect the Oder with the Spree, Havel, and Elbe; the Warthe is a navigable tributary. On the banks are Ratibor, Brieg, Breslau, Frankfort-on-the-Oder, Stettin, and Swinemunde.