Petites Croustadks De Ris De Veau

Patty cases shaped out of bread, fried and filled with sweetbread in sauce.

Blanquette De Ris De Veau Aux Truffles

Round slices cooked with slices of truffles in cream colored sauce.

Ris De Veau A La Toulouse

Larded, braised, served with a Toulouse garnish of cockscombs, mushrooms, etc., in white sauce.

Ris De Veau Piques A La Turque

Larded, braised, glazed, served on a border of forcemeat with rice in the center.

Ris De Veau En Bigarrure

Like an epigramme; half of them larded, braised and glazed and half breaded and baked brown, served in pairs with tomato sauce.

Escalopes De Ris De Veau En Caisse

Small rounds cut with a tube cutter; with "fines herbes " in buttered paper cases with breadcrumbs on top, baked.

Croquettes Of Sweetbreads

Cut very small or chopped, stirred in a very thick sauce with seasonings; rolled up when cold, breaded and fried.

Cutlets Of Sweetbreads

The croquette mixture patted into the shape of mutton chops; a piece of raw macaroni to represent the bone, breaded and fried or baked; served with toma -toes or other vegetables.

Rissoles Of Sweet Breads

The croquette mixture rolled like very thin sausages, rolled up in thin pie-paste and fried.

Kromeskies Of Sweetbreads

The croquette mixture rolled like bottle corks, rolled up in very thin slices of boiled bacon, dipped in fritter batter and fried.

Sweetbreads With Kidneys A La Cordon Bleu

Sweetbreads larded thickly with truffles, spread over with pounded pistachio nuts moistened with white of egg, baked in buttered papers; served with a border of broiled lamb's kidneys and port wine sauce.

Curried Sweetbreads

Large slices of sweetbreads fried with onion and butter, stock added, flour, butter and curry powder stirred in; served with rice.

Medallions De Ris De Veau

Tomatoes raw, peeled, are cut in halves and dried down in the oven; round slices of cooked sweetbreads sandwiched between two halves of tomato, breaded and fried; served with fried parsley and supreme sauce.

Sweetbread Soup Or Potage A La Comtesse

Made of veal stock, cream, cubes of sweetbreads and fried croutons.

Sweetbread Soup A La Pontoise

Sweetbreads in small pieces with raw ham, leeks, white wine, in chicken stock thickened with white roux.

Sweetbreads (Ris De Veau)

Are in Paris served larded with a garnish of pointes cfasperges, that is, green asparagus tops, boiled, with a lump of butter added. This tasty dish is tariffed from 75 centimes to 7 francs, according to the restaurant at which it figures on the menu.

Entree Of Sweetbreads

Take 4 sweetbreads, soak and blanch them, then stew in milk and water, with mace and lemon-peel; when cooked enough, strain the gravy, and thicken with a teacup of cream and a little corn-flour. Roll up eight or ten quite thin pieces of bacon, and fry them crisp, and set them on end in the middle of the dish, then lay small bunches of asparagus at intervals on the top of the bacon, cut the sweetbreads into suitable size pieces, and put them round, then pour the sauce over them so as to leave the bacon and asparagus clear.