Ruta-baga. See Turnip.

Rye-Grass. See Darnel, the Red.

Saffron, the Meadow. See Meadow-Saffron.

Sal-ammoniac. See Ammoniac

Sallow-thorn. See Buckthorn, the Sea.

Salting Meat. See Beef ; Brine; Flesh-meat; Pickle; Pork, etc.

Sapflow. See Flux, vol. ii. p. 314.

Sauce-alone. See Garlic-Hedge-Mustard, vol. iii. p. 255.

Scarlet. See Dyeing, vol. ii. pp. 203-4.

Sciatica. See Rheumatism.

Scotch-fir. See Fir-tree.

Scrambling-Rocket. See Mustard, the Hedge.

Scrogs. See Sloe-tree.

Scrooby-grass. See Scurvy-grass, the Common.

Scurvy-grass, the Scottish. See Bindweed, the Sea.

Sea-anemone. See AnimaL, Flower.

Sea-Bathing. See vol. i.p.l86.

Sea-Cale. See Kale, the

Sea-Cabbage ; or Sea-Cole-wort. See CABBAGE, the Common.

Sea-cushion ; or Sea Gilli-flower. See Thrift, the Common.

Sea-grass. See Saltwort, the Jointed.

Sea-holly. See Eryngo.

Sea-Lavender. See Lavender-Thrift.

Sea-Parsley. See Scottish Lovage.

Sea-Parsnip. .See Samphire, the Prickly.

Sea-weed. See MANURE, vol.iii. p. 160.

Seaves. See Rush the Common.

SegGram. See RagwoRt, the Common,

Septfoil. see Tormentil, the Common.

SEtter-wort. See Hellefetid.

Shaddock. See Orange.

Shallot. See Eschallot.

Shave-grass. See Horse-Tail, the Rough.

Shell-fish. See Crab-fish ; Lobster ; Muscle (vol. iii - p. 246) ; Oyster, etc.

Shepherd's Needle. See the Common Shepherd's Needle.

Sherbet. See Punch.

Shoote. See Calf ; vol. i. pp. 423-4.

Short-sightedness. See vol. ii. p. 244.

Sampler's Joy : See Veevaik, the Common.

Simson: See Groundsel, the Common.

Sinew : See Tendon.

Sloe-worm. See Blind-worm.

Sludge. See Sea-sludge.

Smallage. See Celery.

Soiling. See vol. i. p. 463.

Sorb. See Service-tree.

Sore-throat. See Quinsy.

Southern-Wood, The Common: See Mugwort, The Common.

Southern-Wood, The Sea: See Wormwood, The Sea.

Sparagus. See Asparagus.

Sparrow-hawk : See Hawk, the Common.

Spavin: See Bone-Spavin.

Shawn : See Roe.

Spear-Mint : See vol. iii. pp. 216-17.

Spelter : See Zinc.

Sperage : See Asparagus.

Spinage, the Wild. See perennial Goose-foot.

Spine, Luxations of See Distortion, and Ribs.

Spitting, of Blood. See vol. i. p. 283.

Spoon-wort. See Scurvy-grass, the English.

Spruce-fir. See vol. ii. p. 279.

Spunge. See Sponge.

Spur. See vol. ii. p. 67, and also p. 6 of the present volume.

Spurge-flax. See Mezereon.

Spurge-Olive. See Mezereon.

Squinancy-Berries. See Currant, The Black.

Squitch-Gras's, the Blue, See Creeping Bent-grass.

St. Anthony's Fire. See Rose.

St. John's-wort. See John's Wort.

Staining. See Marble; and Wood.

Stewing. See vol. ii. p. 53.

Stilstilyard. See Steel-yard.

Stilton-cheese. See vol. i. pp. 496-7.

Stock-bill: See Herb-Robert.

Strangury. -See Urine.

Stucco. See Cement.

Suffolk-Grass. See Annual Meadow-grass.

Sun-Spurge. See Wartwort.

Suppuration. See Ulcer.

Suspended Animation. See Animation.

Sweet-briar. See vol. iii. p. 506.

Sweet-fern. See Cicely, the

Sweet-flag. See Flag, the

Sweet-william. See vol. iii. p. 385.

Sweet-willow. See Gale, the Sweet.

Swine. See Hog.

Tantanner's-bark, or Tanner's waste. See Hot-bed ; and Manure, vol. iii. p. 160.

Tapioca. See Cassava.

Tare. See Vetch.

Tempering. See Case-hardening, and Steel.

Terra Japonica. See Catechu.

Tertian-fever. See Ague.

Test-liquor. See Wine.

Tetters. See Ringworm.

Throat-wort. See Giant Bell-flower.

Thrush, in Horses. See Frush

Tick. See Sheep, p. 60, of the present volume.

Toad-Flax. See Flax the Toad.

Toes. See Chilblain, and Corns.

Tooth; and Tooth-Ach, See Teeth.

Touch-me-not. See Balsa-mine.

Touch-stone. See Gold, vol. ii. p. 3S2.

Train-oil. See Oil.

Treacle, the Common. See Molasses 3 and Beer 3 vol. i. p. 237.

Treacle-Mustard. See Mithridate-Mustard.

Treacle-Hedge-Mustard, or Treacle Wormseed. See Mustard, The Hedge.

True-love. See Herb-Paris.

Tube-Root. See Meadow-Saffron.

Turnip-cabbage. - See vol. i. p. 413.

Turnip-Rootbed Cabbage. See vol. i. p. 414.

Turpeth. See Turbith.

Valetudinarians. See Chronical Diseases ; Debility; Health, etc.

Vapour-baths. See vol. i. pp. 192-93.

Velvet-leaf. See Tree-mallow.

Ventilation. See vol. i. pp. 22 and 23; also the article Granary.

Venus-comb. See Needle, the Common Shepherd's.

Vermillion. See vol.i.p.527; and vol. ii. p. 36.

Vernal-grass. See Spring-grass.

Vine, the Wild. See Bryony, the White.

Vine-fretter. See Plant-Louse.

Virgin's-Bower. See Traveller's-Joy.

Usury. See Interest.

Wadd, See Black-wadd.

Wages. See Labour.

Waistcoat. See Cork-tree, vol. ii. p. 64, and Flannel.

Wall. See Building.

Wall-barley. See Barley.

Wall-pepper. See Pepperstone-Crop.

Wall-wort. See Dwarf-Elder.

Waste Lands. See Land.

Watch. See Time-piece.

Watchfulness. See Waking.

Water-Agrimony. See Agrimony, the Hemp.

Water-Avens, See Avens.

Water-can. See Yellow Water-Lily.

Water-colours. See Colour-making, vol. ii. p. 34.

Water-cowbane. See Hemlock, the long-leaved

Water-cress. See Cress.

Water-dock. See Dock.

Water-elder. See Common Guelder-rose.

Water-hemlock. See Hemlock, the Water.

Water-Hemp. See Agrimony, the Hemp.

Water-lily. See Lily,

Water-moss. See Moss.

Water-Parsnep. See Parsnep, the Water.

Water-Radish See Radish-Water-Cress.

Water-socks. See White "Water-Lily.

Water-trefoil. See Trefoil Buckbean.

Water-zizany. See Zizany.

Watering-of-Land. See Irrigation.

Way-bread. See Greater PlanTain.

Way Faring-tree. See Mealy Guelder-rose.

Weevil. See Corn-chafer.

Welch Bistort. See Bistort, the Small.

Weld. See Dyer's-weed.

Wheat, the Cow. See Cow-wheat.

Wheel-carriages. See Carriage; Cart ; Waggon, etc.

Wheel-drag. See Drag.

Whins. See Furze the Common.

White. See Colour-Making; vol. ii. p. 3d.

White-Of-An-Egg. See Albumen

White-Beam. See Hawthorn.

White-Bottle. See Spatling-Poppy.

White-Lead. See Lead.

White-rot. See Penny-wort, the Marsh.

White-thorn. See Hawthorn.

Whiting, in Mineralogy. See Chalk.

Whortleberry, the Red. See Bilberry.

Wild-briar. See Dog-rose, the Common.

Wild-climber, the Great. See Traveller's-joy.

Wilderness. See Maze.

Wilding. See Crab-tree.

Wild-parsley. See Milkweed, the Marsh.

Wild Pear-tree. See Hawthorn.

Wild-radish. See Radish.

Wild-rocket. See Rocket.

Wild-tansy. See Silver-weed.

Wind-flower. See Anemone.

Winter-cresses; or Winter-Rocket. See Mustard, the Hedge.

Withen-Tree. See Sallo

Wolf-fish. See Sea-wolf.

Wolverene. See Bear.

Wood-ashes. See Ashes.

Wood-bine, See Honeysuckle, the Common.

Wood-Louse. See Slaters.

Wood-sage. See Wood-Germander.

Wood-Sorrel. See Sorrel the Common

Wood-waxen. See Dyer's-Greenweed.

Woody-nightshade. See Nightshade.

Woollen Cloth. See Cloth.

Work. See Labour.

Work-house. See Poor-House.

Worm, the Blind. See vol. i. . p. 288.

Worm, the Glow. See Glowworm.

Worm, the Silk. See Silkworm.

Worm, the Tape. See Tapeworm.

Worms, in Dogs. See vol. ii. p. 151.

Worms, in Horses. See Botts.

Wormwood, the Common. See Mug wort.

Wymote. See Marsh-mallow.

Year. See Calendar.

Yellow-weed. See Dyer's-Weed.

Yolk. See Egg.

Youth-wort. See Sundew the Round-leaved.