Definition Of Various Extracts. - Strength of Extracts for Carbonated Beverages. - Preservation of Extracts. - Deterioration of Extracts. - Defini-tion of Extracts, Essences and Tinctures. - Water-soluble Extracts, Essences and Tinctures. - How to Examine Commercial Extracts, Essences and Tinctures for their Strength and Solubility. - How to Clarify a Turbid Extract, Essence or Tincture. - Harmonious Flavorings. - Adulterations and Imitations. - Ambergris. - Tincture of Ambergris. - Angostura Extract. - Oil of Anise. - Tincture of Anise. - Oil of Birch. - Essence of Birch. - Oil of Bitter Almonds. - Extracts of Beef. - Beef Tea (Bouillon). - Oil of Peach and Apricot Seed. - Nitro-benzol (Oil of Mirbane) and Artificial Oil of Bitter Almond. - Essence of Bitter Almond. - Extract or Essences of Bitters. - Tonic Beer Essence. - Beef, Iron and Wine. - Capsicum. - Capsicine. - Adulteration of Capsicum and its Detection. - Physiological Action of Capsicum. - Extract of Cap-sicum. - Tincture of Capsicum. - Soluble Extract of Capsicum. - Curacoa, or Bitter Orange Peel. - Extract of Curacoa, or Bitter Orange Peel. - Essence of Curacoa. - Tincture of Curacoa, or Bitter Orange Peel. - Im-proved'Curacoa Essence and Tincture. - Compound Tincture of Curacoa. - Oil of Caraway and its Application. - Plain Tincture of Caraway. - Compound Tincture of Caraway. - Compound Coffee Extracts. - Tincture of Coffee. - Plain Coffee Extracts. - Oil of Cinnamon and Cassia. - Ex-tract of Cinnamon or Cassia. - Essence of Cinnamon or Cassia. - Tincture of Cinnamon or Cassia. - Extract of Cinchona or Peruvian Bark. - Extract or Essence of Peruvian Beer. - Oil of Celery. - Essence of Celery. - Tinct-ure of Celery. - Oil of Cardamom. - Essence of Cardamom. - Tincture of Cardamom. - Oil of Cloves. - Essence of Cloves. - Tincture of Cloves -Cocoa Plant. - Cocaine or Hygrine. - Physiological Action of Cocaine. - Extract of Coca. - Tincture of Cocaine. - Essence of Coca. - Cacao, Cocoa and Chocolate. - Extract of Cocoa or Chocolate. - Tincture of Cocoa or Chocolate. - Oil of Coriander. - Dandelion Extract. - Fancy Extracts and Essences. - Oil of Fennel. - Oil of Geranium. - Extract of Guava and Rose-apple. - Ginger Root and its Adulterants. - Ginger Oil. - Gin-gerol. - Extract of Ginger. - Tincture of Ginger. - Strength of Alcohol for Preparing Ginger Extract or Tinctures of Ginger. - Solid Extract of Ginger. - Soluble Extract of Ginger. - Ginger Ale Extract. - Distilled Ginger Ale Extract, and How to Make it. - Rectified Ginger Ale Extract and How to Make it. - Essence of Ginger Oil. - Concentrated Essence of Ginger Oil. - Soluble Essence of Ginger Oil. - Hot Ginger or Adulterated Ginger. - Fraudulent Commercial Extracts and Essences of Ginger. - How to Prepare and Preserve Ginger Ale. - Belfast Ginger Ale. - Grass Oils and their Application. - Extract of Hops. - Beer Extract. - Extract of Horehound. - Oil of Juniper. - Oil of Lavender. - Oil of Lemon. - Selec-tion of Oil of Lemon. - Preservation of Oil of Lemon. - Chemical Com-position of Oil of Lemon. - Characteristics of Oil of Lemon. - Adultera-tion of Oil of Lemon. - Restoration of Oil of Lemon. - Artificial Oil of Lemon. - Concentrated Essence of Lemon. - Soluble Essence of Lemon. - Tincture of Lemon Peel. - Restoration of Essence of Lemon. - Lemon Water. - Oil of Limes. - Essence of Lime Oil. - Lacto-Pepsin Extract. - Milk Extract or Lactolin. - Excelsior Lemonade Extract. - Extract of Champagne Cider. - Egg Lemonade. - Tokay Lemonade Extract. - Grape Lemonade Extract. - Champagne Lemonade Extract. - Liquorice Root and its Adulterations. - Fluid Extract of Liquorice. - Extract of Malt. - Fluid Extract of Malt. - Extract of Malt, Phosphate and Iron. - Hop and Malt Extract. - Malt Extract and Pepsin. - Dispensing Malt Extract. - Extract of Meat. - Oil of Melissa and its Application. - Musk; its Sub titutes and Adulterants. - Tincture of Musk. - Nerve Food Extracts. - Oil of Nutmeg. - Essence of Nutmeg. - The Various Oils of the Orange Tree. - Oil of Orange Flowers or Oil of Neroli. - Essence of OrangeFlowers or Essence of Neroli. - Orange-Flower Water. - Oil of Orange Peel (Oil of Portugal). - Concentrated Essence of Orange. - Soluble Essence of Orange. - Tincture of Orange Peel. - Restoration of Essence of Orange. - Com-pound Orange Flavoring Essence. - Compound Orange Flavoring Tinct-ure. - Extract of Pistachio. - Oil of Peppermint. - Oil of Spearmint. - • Concentrated Essence of Peppermint. - Soluble Essence of Peppermint. - Tincture of Peppermint. - Peppermint Water. - Punch Essences. - Eng-lish Punch Essence. - Milk Punch. - Pineapple Punch Essence. - Grog Essence of Rum. - Grog Essence of Cognac. - Grog Essence of Arrac - Tea Punch Essence. - Whiskey Punch Essence. - Gin Punch Essence. - Various other Punch Essences. - Oil of Pimento (Allspice). - Essence of Pimento. - Tincture of Pimento. - Rose Oil. - Characteristics and Adul-terants of Rose Oil. - Tests of Rose Oil. - Essence of Rose Oil. - Bose Water. - Root Beer Essence. - Raisin Extract. - Sarine Extract. - Sarsa-parillaRoot. - Commercial Varieties of Sarsaparilla Root. - Chemical Nature of Sarsaparilla. - Commercial Sarsaparilla Beverages. - Extract of Sarsaparilla. - Essences of Sarsaparilla. - Oil of Sassafras. -Oil of Spruce. - Essence of Spruce. - Compound Tea Extract. - Plain Tea Extract. - Tonka Beans and Coumarin and their Effect. - Artificial Coumarin. - Pro portions of Coumarin. - Tincture of Tonka Bean. - Tincture of Coumarin. - Vanilla Bean. - Alleged Poisonous Effects of Vanilla Flavor. - Vanillin of Vanilla Beans. - Artificial Vanillin. - Inferior and Adulterated Vanillin and its Detection. - Extract or Tincture of Vanilla Beans. - Tincture of Vanilla and Tonka Beans. - Compound Vanilla Bean Extract. - Soluble Essence of Vanilla. - Vanillin Tincture or Artificial Tincture of Vanilla. - Strength of Tinctures of Vanilla. - Oil of Verbena and its Application. - Wild Cherry Bark. - Extract of Wild Cherry Bark. - Oil of Wintergreen. - Artificial Oil of Wintergreen. - Essence of Wintergreen. - May Wine Essence. -Wine Essences. - Wine or Cognac Oil. - Artificial Wine or Cognac Oil. - Preparation of Artificial Wine or Cognac Oil.