Ratzeburg, a town of Lauenburg, 35 miles ENE. of Hamburg. Here Coleridge learned German. Pop. 4315.


Ravelston, a seat of the Keiths, 2 1/2 miles W. of Edinburgh.


Ravenglass, a Cumberland seaport, 4 1/2 miles N. by W. of Bootle.


Ravensburg (Rah-fens-boorg), a town of Wur-temberg, 11 miles by rail NNE. of Friedrichsha-fen on Lake Constance. Pop. 13,467.


Ravenspur. See Humber.


Ravi. See Punjab.

Rawal Pindi

Rawal Pindi, a town and military station of the Punjab, lies between the rivers Indus and Jhelum, 160 miles by rail NW. of Lahore. It has an arsenal (1883), a fort, a public park, and an active transit-trade with Cashmere and Afghanistan. Here the Sikhs surrendered in 1849. Pop. (1868) 28,586; (1881) 52,980; (1901) 87,688.


Rawdon, a Yorkshire town, 6 miles NE. of Bradford, with cloth manufactures. Pop. 3177.


Rawitsch (Rah'vitch), a town of Prussia, 64 miles by rail S. of Posen. Pop. 11,919.


Rawmarsh, a Yorkshire town, 2 1/4 miles N. by E. of Rotherham, with china and iron works and collieries. Pop. (1851) 2533; (1901) 14,587.


Rawtenstall, a town of Lancashire, 4 miles W. of Bacup. A municipal borough (1891), it manufactures cottons and woollens. Pop. 31,050.


Re, ILE DE(Ray; Rex insula), is a small, low-lying island off the French dep. of Charente-Inferieure, opposite La Rochelle. It is 18 miles long and 3 broad, measures 28 sq. m., and has about 14,000 inhabitants, who make salt. The west coast is rocky; on the east are good harbours. Oyster-fanning is an industry, and wine is exported. The chief town, St Martin (pop. 2523), was fortified by Vauban. Ars and La Flotte have 1547 and 2593 inhabitants.


Recanati, a town of Italy, 15 miles S. of Aucona, has a Gothic cathedral. Here Leopardi was born. Pop. 15,590. Porto Recanati, on the Adriatic, 6 miles NE., has a pop. of 5000.


Recife (Ray-see'fey). See Pernambuco.


Recklinghausen, a town of Westphalia, 22 miles NW. of Dortmund. Pop. 35,000.


Reculver, a village of Kent, 1 mile from the sea, and 9 miles W. of Margate, with remains of the Roman station Regulbium. Pop. 294.


Red'car, a popular bathing-resort in the North Riding of Yorkshire, 10 miles by rail NE. of Middlesborough. Its smooth, firm sands stretch 10 miles from the mouth of the Tees to Saltburn. Pop.(1851) 1032; (1901) 7695.


Redditch, a busy town on the borders of Worcester and Warwick shires, stands on an acclivity 13 miles SSW. of Birmingham by rail. Needles, pins, fish-hooks, and fishing-tackle are made extensively. Pop. (1851) 4802; (1901) 13,493.


Redesdale, the valley of the river Reed in Northumberland, extending 21 miles SE. and SW. from the Scottish border, until it opens into the valley of the North Tyne at Reedsmouth. Watling Street traverses its middle and upper part. Near the southern end of Redesdale is the famous field of Otterburn (q.v.); and near its source was fought the 'Raid of the Redeswire,' 7th July 1575. The men of Redesdale of old were brave and turbulent, and bore more than their share in Border feuds and forays.