Pickle To Cure Hams

8 pounds ground alum salt.

1 quart molasses.

2ounces salt petre.

2 1/2 ounces of potash or saler atus. 8 gallons water.

Allow the above to every one hundred pounds of meat.

Boil the mixture, skim well, and when cold pour it over the hams.

Cottage Cheese

Heat sour milk, or clabber (or both mixed) over the fire, till the whey separates from the curd. Drain and put the curd in a thin bag to drip for five or six hours. Then take out the curd and work in a little salt and cream, or butter. Then form into small balls, and servd in a few hours. It will not keep longer than two or three days.

This is a good way to use up an accumulation of sour milk in Bummer. It takes a great deal of milk to make but a small amount of cheese.

How To Raise Cream Quickly

Sot the milk in shallow pans and keep them in a temperature not less than sixty-two degrees. People often wonder why they can get no cream from milk in winter; it is because the milk is often left in too cold a place.

Boiled Chestnuts

Put the chestnuts into tepid water. Notice when they in to boil. Then boil fast for fifteen minutes. Pour them into a colander to drain. Stir in, then, a small piece of butter, while the chestnuts are hot. Mix well till they look glossy and dry.

Chocolate Frosting (No. 2) Or Caramels

1 cupful grated chocolate. 2 cupfuls sugar. 2 eggs (yolks only). 3/4 cupful milk.

Mix all together, having beaten the eggs. Set on the stove, and boil (without stirring) for about fifteen minutes from the time it begins to boil; i.e., till it will almost candy when dripped from a spoon. Then set it in a pan of hot water while you spread it on the cake, with a knife dipped in hot water. This will cover six large layers of cake, just enough for "Chocolate Cake No. 2," with which it is nice; the chocolate in the cake-batter being omitted. By boiling this mixture a little longer you can make caramels, if you pour it into a buttered shallow pan, and mark it into squares.

Things Made

Poor Man's Pudding.

Corn Bread Without Eggs.


Tapioca and Sago Blanc Mange.

Apple and Berry Tapioca Pudding.

Blanc Mange (many kinds).

Jelly Cake without eggs.

Lemon, Wine, Cider and Other Jellies.

Without Eggs.

Buttermilk Griddle-Cakes.

Brown Betty.

Fruit and Berry Charlotte.

Apple Dumplings.


Whipped Syllabubs.

Cinnamon Cookies.

Cornmeal Pudding.

Gingerbread Pudding.

Squash Pudding.

To Use Whites of Eggs.

Frosting for Cake.

White Cake.

Snow Cake.

Kisses or Meringues. [Pie.

Cocoanut Cake, Pudding and

Cream Beer.

Apple Snow.

Raspberry Trifle.


Meringues for Puddings.

Filling for Charlotte Russe.

To Clear Coffee.

To Egg and Crumb.

Silver Cake.

English Muffins.

German Sauce.

Rich Pudding Sauce.

Aglaia Sauce.

Lemon, Orange or Peach Ice.


Chocolate Cake No. 2.

French Candies.

To Use Yolks of Eggs.

Mayonnaise Dressing. To Egg and Crumb. Boiled Custards. Gold Cake.

Lemon Filling for Cake. Cottage or Gold Pudding. Cocoa or Chocolate. White Soup.

Oyster Boulette.

Sauce Hollandaise.

Wine Sauce No. 2.

Stuffed Peppers.

Ribbon Blanc Mange.

Rich Cornstarch Blanc Mange.

Gooseberry Fool.

Chocolate Frosting or Caramels.

To Use Milk.

Milk Toast.

Cracker Milk Toast.

Bread and Milk.


Potato or Lenten Soup.

Tomato Soup (No. 2).

Indian and Bread Puddings.

Griddle Cakes and Wafties.



Ice Cream.

Spanish Fritters.

To Use Milk. (Continued.)

Stewed Oysters (or Soup).

Clam Soup.


Stewed Potatoes.

Cocoa or Chocolate.

Cafe au lait.

Mont Blanc.

Custards and Blanc Manges.

Tapioca and Rice Puddings.

Delmonico Pudding.

Corn Pudding. In Cooking Vegetables. Omelet (Baked and Fried). Cream to serve with Fruit Pies. Fritters. Succotash.

Pies. (Sweet Potato, Custard, Cornstarch and Pumpkin.) Macaroni (boiled or baked). Thickened Milk.

To Use Sour Milk.

Corn Bread.

Sour Milk Graham Gems.

Griddle Cakes (various).


Grandpa's Cake.

Huckleberry Cake.

Graham Pudding.

Popovers. Apple Fritters. Hasting's Pudding. Doughnuts. Cottage Cheese. Cinnamon Cookies. Cottage Pudding.

To Use Apples.

Baked Apples. Apple Sauce. Clarified Apples. Apples Stewed Whole. Apple Jelly. Preserved Apples. Transparent Preserve. Pickled Apples. Apple Snow. Fried Apples. Apple Pie. In Mince Pies. Brown Betty. Apple Cottage Pudding. Apple Short Cake.

Apple and Tapioca Pudding.

Scotch Pudding.

Pan Dowdy.

Jellied Apples.

Marlborough Pudding.

Veal aux Pommes.

Apple Custard.

Hidden Hash.

Hidden Apples.

Apple Dumplings.

Apple Meringue.

Apple Filling for Cake.

Apple Fritters.

Birds' Nest Pudding.