This specimen banquet bill from Ireland is very much like an American bill, and remarkable for being in plain English. There are too many kinds of meat for any use, as if they had learned that bad habit from our hotels, and it does not regard the vegetables worth naming; but the vegetables over there are said to be poor and scanty - not like ours:

Banquet given by the Mayor of Londonderry (Sir R. McVicker, J. P.) to the Honourable the Irish Society. The dinner was provided by Mr. James Johnston, a well-known local caterer, and served In Corporation Hall:


Clear Turtle, a la Reine.

Green Pea.


Turbot - Lobster Sauce.

Salmon - Parsley and Butter.

Fillets of Soles, a la Maitre d'Hotel.


Lobster Cutlets. Lamb Cutlets and Peas.

Sweetbreads - Mushroom Sauce.

Veal Cutlets - Cucumber Sauce.


Roast Chicken Roast Turkey Poults.

Roast Beef. Roast Haunches Mutton. Roast Lamb.

Boiled Chicken. Green Goose.

Hams. Tongues.

Grouse - Lobster Salad.


Marmalade Pudding. Fig Puddings.

Sultana Pudding. Jellies. Victoria Cream.

Apple and Greengage Tarts.


Pineapples, Grapes, Greengages, Melons, Apples, Pears, Plums, etc.


Lemon Water and Strawberry Cream.

Specimen English Commercial Hotel Bill

Somebody in an English city has opened a hotel specially for the commercial travelers' trade (doesn't say whether "sample rooms on the first floor," or "the best in town"), and this is one of the bills of fare of the dinner served at fifty cents:


Mock Turtle, Julienne, Vermicelli.


Salmon, Halibut, Stewed Eels.


Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding,

Boiled Leg Lamb, Ducklings, Spring Chickens,

Pigeon Pies.


Curried Rabbit, Fricasses of Chicken,

Lamb Cutlets, Beef a la mode.


Potatoes, Peas, Spinach, Beans, Vegetable Marrow.


Iced Venice Pudding,

Raspberry and Red Currant Tart,

Pineapple Fritters, Black Currant Pudding.


Gruyere, Wensleydale, Cheddar.


Cheese and salad are expected to create a demand for ale and beer or hot cups of some kind.